spoiler? lol

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Jun 16, 2004
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Its pretty obvious that top gear is scripted (not that i mind, i still love it)

but that episode where JC broke his hand... obviously didnt happen, they just wanted to create a bit more suspense. also the guy in the audience who said he had a 355 was put there by topgear so that they could mention that amusing ferrari statistic

anyway, remember that top gear generation game episode (old vs new)

i came across this site:

i think most things on the show are scripted to JC's favour.
Re: spoiler? lol

MixtriX said:
but that episode where JC broke his hand... obviously didnt happen, they just wanted to create a bit more suspense.

Why did that "obviously not happen"? I have no reason to believe he didn't break his hand.

The whole 'Generation Game' thing happened ages ago and is really the time I've heard of Top Gear doing something that blatant. But really, I just don't care. It is a car show, and I guarantee that every other car show on TV is just as bad, if not worse. I could really care less what place a Mk1 MR2 gets in a race... :roll:
the link (and this topic) is a re-post ...

I also get annoyed watching TG at times, due to its script and that everything is "fixed" (you know what I mean..)

do you have the word "kverulant" in your vocab? :mrgreen:

Well, do you? If not, the def of a "kverulant" person is that "he" needs to object because the person just likes to disagree or just likes a discussion on everything!

NOT saying you are my good friend ;) it was a joke ...

I'm not stoned ..

what episode did he brake his hand? haven't seen that one yet
his thumb ... the ep when they have to buy a running car for under ?100, during the crashtest ... alot of fun that ep was :lol:

That episode was hilarious.

Also, thanks for the link, I enjoyed reading that. It's nice to hear from the 'real' people's experiences of Top Gear. Bit of a dream experience that one for anyone on this ite :)

My 2c here but, I just watched this generation game episode again and a thouht occured to me...

the reason this was rigged the way it was might be so that the end results would have reflected the cars official stats more i.e. the car with the quoted faster 0-60 time was the winner... I think we all know that these figures are always a bit iffy especially when talking about ols cars and really new cars (where the engine might not have been driven in) so the TG team made sure that the end results were as they could ahve ben predicted on paper? dunno just guessing here. otherwise they might have received tons of weird e-mail from queeky guys asking why cars that are faster on paper lost in the race...
The show is a great entertaiment, but the "scientific" part of it is really ridiculous. Like when they retested Murcielago and "made" it a fastest car around the track. For me it means their whole testing system lost it's credibility. Ok, you can see the basics, like zonda is faster than impreza, but not much more.
And than episode with Koeningsegg (or something), where JC "measured" top speed... That car won by 4mph! You can hear he lifted gas alot in corner, and the "coming out of the corner"-speed makes all the difference in such test! And finally he reads the speed from internal speedometer! That thing definitely has an error of 5-15km/h in such speeds. It was really just wasting time... Tells more about weather in moon, than which car is faster.
Then there was an Audi-economic trip, train vs. Aston Martin, pigeons vs. faulty navigation in Ford and more... I have a hard time believing in any of those results.
Fun to watch thou, as always :)
I don't take top gear that seriously with matters like this. I see it more as an entertainment show based on cars than a car show with entertaining features.
Top Gear probably has to entertain as much as they inform. The show has millions of viewers everytime, and lets face it, its not only because of the cars. Hammond, May and Clarkson are cool characters. I believe they often do things to stick to their "image". :wink:
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