**SPOILER** Top Gear Series 7 Car Challenge

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Aug 6, 2005
Good to know that Top Gear will be continuing doing their cheap car challenges - this time will be based on Italian Sports Cars, from the 70's - don't know the budget.

Found it in an article by James May:

"The other day, I and my two Top Gear colleagues had a bit of a race. The venue was Castle Combe circuit, the cars were three 1970s Italian exotics and we were deeply embroiled in one of our old-car challenges.."

James buys a Lamborghini - ..."This much I can reveal, however. I was last, in an old Lamborghini. And I'm absolutely delighted."

Just thought you might want to know.

yes :thumbsup:

I looooooooooove the cheap car challenges :thumbsup:

Thanks alot for posting this PaulMay, a great new contribution to the best forum "in the Internets" (JC) .. :lol:

Good for you adding the spoiler warning too ...

Cheap Lambo?? Gee it must be eerrr really cheap!

Thanks Paul May...any relation??
Haha no, although I will try to use it to get into the business someday, and Gordon Ramsay's restaurant.
I'm really scared of what Hammond is going to do to anything with the words "Italian" and "exotic" in the same sentence. Somebody please lock him up before he puts spinnaz on a Sprint Veloce! :tvhorror:
i'm scare of what they did to the cars in the end. they drove the rolls in the pool and totally kille dthe biturbo, a car i still think is great nomatter what JC says.
it would be quite horrible to detroy a classic like that, especially after seeing my dad's friend's espada and getting a nice close look at it. :eek:
:thumbsup: The cheap car challenges are soooo funny :D
Is it just me that thinks that the first CCC (cheap car challange) was the best? Jeremy in the Volvo and the part where they crash it was hilarious :thumbsup:
KryptonZone said:
This is great! Yeah, brings back memories, that Volva and Jezza's wrist that got shattered... Ahhh... :lol:
just how did he walk away with that with neither of the others knowing? it would have been very painful, and where the heck did May get the X-rays???
Maybe just a safety check after the crash for some internal damage ? That first CCC was hilarious, a 1 pound Volvo aka tank :lol:
Just read the article, and found this funny
Likewise, if I was good at driving on a circuit, I would be completely redundant at Top Gear, where it's my job to come last whenever we have a race.
Porsche Challenge was one of the funniest bits of tele in recent history.
When was the first cheap car challenge? i think the first I saw was the porsche challenge
Looking foward to this.... This should be really fun
ranger_dood said:
When was the first cheap car challenge? i think the first I saw was the porsche challenge

I think it was in season 4, cars for under ?100, watch it :thumbsup:
there's been three:

CCC1 : Cars under ?100
CCC2 : Porsches under ?1500
CCC3 : Coupes that aren't porsches under ?1500
Just looked in the detailed ep guide, and it was 4x03. Thanks :) That's strange... I've seen the eps all around it, but must not have ever watched that one. I wonder... was it one that Viper didn't have on his site when the torrents were all here? I remember there being a few missing, and when I first started, I was getting them all from here.
It is an affront to the liberty and independence offered by the car - not to mention the awesome achievements of the world's tireless road-builders - to wantonly drive in such a way that you will, inevitably, end up exactly where you started one minute thirty-nine point two-five seconds later and needing some new tyres.
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