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to me it makes no sense to tune cars like the Enzo C GT, Zonda, McLaren F1.

they are supercars and why mess up what's pretty much perfect already??
are they really tunning it? i dont seem much difference? maybe they messing with the computer
they just reprogrammed everything, haven't changed any parts
translation from babelfish:

First tests at the Carrera GT 01.09.2004 The first-class made still better - the SPORTEC philosophy comes also with the Porsche Carrera GT to carry. The first tests of the dream car on the SPORTEC test stand show that the GT engines are located well in the fodder. With a odometer reading of only 1500 km the Porsche flagship reaches approximately 600PS and 610 Nm torque. Now the development begins with the improving of the tuning of engine electronics. Subsequently, the SPORTEC specialist examines the engine periphery for possible optimum potential. Two performance levels, which are to bring increased output between 10 and 20 per cent, are planned. With smaller optical modifications also the exterior is continued to perfect. With brakes and chassis any modifications are unnecessary in the series. :D