Spot Them Beater Cars

Seen today:
Bruised Ford Cougar with both rear tires gone. He reacted with "I know"-gestures when I pointed towards his wheels, but driving around like that is very risky and is just asking for a hefty fine and further problems when he gets spotted by the police.


Well, that ends the thread. You win.
Must have been a strong believer of "if duct tape doesn't fix it, you ain't using enough of it".
That's not a beater, it's a write-off.; a beater is still being used as a car.
Bit of carbage (Imapala/Bel Air front on a pickup, those sideskirts, covered rear wheels), bit of beater (or is that two-tone paintjob intentional?)...

Do we need to have a talk about the difference between a Beater and Scrap?