Spreadable fruit poll

Spreadable fruit poll

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the fool on the hill
Dec 11, 2005
Aurora, IL
What do you prefer? Brand?

Me, I like jam and Smucker's is my favorite.
I don't even know the difference.... But I like raspberry jelly/jam/whatever it is.

EDIT: jayhawk, beware, to the british members here jelly will mean something completely different than to you.
Preserves are alright sometimes, but mostly jam for me, strawberry or even raspberry when i want something with a bit more sweetness to it.

Best ones around here are from Hero, gotta love swiss foods <3.
EDIT: jayhawk, beware, to the british members here jelly will mean something completely different than to you.

I figured as much.

Jelly - gelatinous, semi translucent with little noticeable fruit. When extracted, holds a shape.

Jam - thicker, more spreadable then jelly. Bits of fruit in it.

Preserves - Essentially pulped fruit held together by a corn sugar medium.
I am a jam fan.

My grandmother still makes homemade jams each year and they're great.

Favourite combination : brie and cranberry jam inside some lightly-toasted white bread. Mmm.
I prefer preserves. I like to chew the chunks of fruit.

"chew the chunks"....sounds kinda funny :lol:
I enjoy Palmer's seedless raspberry, or fully-seeded boysenberry.
^you guys in Oz get kaya too? :p
Yeah, but we generally have to go to the Asian grocer to get it. I think I've only seen it in a regular supermarket once, one that had a special Asian foods section.
We get it in every supermarket :p

For all those who don't know what kaya, tastes like, it's natural sort of sweet (not-artificial-sweet) and has a very special taste. Can't describe in it words, too heavenly when eaten with toast, really :mrgreen:
Never hear of Kaya before, but damn, I want it NOW.
still don't understand what jelly means in yank. Here, jelly is what you will find in fruit punches and on dessert plates.

Jam is the best though.
in other words, jelly is what americans call Jell-O.

whereas to americans... jelly and jam are almost the same thing.
^ +1, so preserves for me, but I am currently enjoying a jar of cactus jam brought back from Tenerife for me. Kinda like a really sweet strawberry/raspberry mix with a kinda minty tang to it. :)

As for brands, You can't go wrong with Golden Shred here. :D
Actually, I just remembered how much I like lemon curd.

Mmmmmm. I occasionally homemake some, but it involves hella effort.