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[Spy] Mercedes-Benz E-Class & BMW 5-Series Facelifts


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Jul 12, 2004
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Ok, I have bit the bullet and done a thread about a BMW. Its like sleeping with the enemy..
Click the images for larger resolution...stupid ImageShack is down :(
2006 Mercedes-Benz E-Class

2007 BMW 5-Series

Facelift for Two Rivals

Both, the Bavarian BMW and Daimler-Chrysler are preparing to remodel their two competing middle range models BMW 5-series and Mercedes E-Class.

The BMW 5-series which has been on the market since spring 2003 will come out in spring 2007 as a restyled version. The photos are showing a prototype during a test drive in the city traffic of Munich. It is featuring new big air intakes in the front skirt and a modified rear end.

DaimlerChrysler?s E-Class model has been on the market since March 2002 and is about to get a restyling due for launch a year earlier than its competitor, in July 2006. The photos are showing a sedan without disguise from all angles. [Editor's Note: a very minor strip of tape was removed by computer]

The modifications include a new front grille with thicker ribs, a front skirt with three air intakes , mildly modified headlights and a new taillight design. Furthermore rumours say that the current SBC brake system is to be replaced by a conventional one.

I can pretty much confirm that SBC will be removed in the updated E-Class. SBC (Sensotronic Brake Control) was basically the cause of all the reliability issues with the E-Class (and other models) to the extent that SBC has been discontinued all-together across the Merc range. It worked very well in theory however there was just too much dependancy upon electricity for it to operate. It has one neat feature (on our E-Class) and that is that when you come to a stop, you can let go of the brake and the car will not role back. Even on a hill, the brakes lock up so you stay stopped.

As for the Bimmer "52-ugly", they havn't really changed what was needed to be changed. They should have done a total redesign and used the 7-Series as an example.
...uhh what did they change on the 5 series? :bangin:

I notice a little difference on the E class, but its so-so...im indifferent about it. :|
The 5-Series looks terrible now... it's got a huge overbite.
p0w3r said:
...uhh what did they change on the 5 series? :bangin:

I notice a little difference on the E class, but its so-so...im indifferent about it. :|
It says they added bigger front intakes but I don't see the point in it :? Was it suffering before that, cos I didn't hear anything. It just makes the car look even WORSE IMO!!

BTW: New E-Class will get a hair-raising 388BHP V8 :shock:
I hoped for a greater modication of the 5 Series, the BMW design department surely didn't work overtime for that facelift - well, not exactly much to do when taking a look at the sales figures anyway.