Spy Shot: Lamborghini Murcielago SV


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Sep 7, 2004
Bradford, UK
There have been a few shots recently of Murcielago prototypes out testing, and mild mid-life cosmetic surgery to the supercar's exterior is predicted for 2006.

Expect new bumpers, redesigned side skirts and improved ventilation, with larger air ducts and ever-more aerodynamic shaping. But there could well be more: besides this minor nip 'n' tuck, word is that the Murcielago is to gain an all-new engine.

The 570bhp 6.2 V12 currently under that long wedge-shaped bonnet effectively dates back to that in the Miura launched 40 years ago, albeit with continuous modifications. However, it has now reached the end of the road; not only would it be difficult for Lamborghini to reliably extract any more power from such an aged basic design, it will no longer be able to meet ever-more stringent emissions legislation, especially in the US.

So an all-new V12 is on the way: it's said to be have a 6.5-litre capacity, and to deliver 645bhp and 515lb ft, enough to put it well ahead of the smaller Gallardo and to well and truly trump the likes of the Ferrari 575M and even Mercedes-McLaren SLR and Porsche Carrera GT.

It's reported to feature Audi's FSI direct-injection technology, as developed for the Le Mans cars, variable valve timing and variable-induction manifolds, and as many as five valves per cylinder. Acceleration 0-60mph is estimated to be in the high three-second range, with a top speed of over 325kph. Expect also a modified E-Gear sequential-shift transmission and uprated ceramic brake discs.

Both coupe and convertible versions are predicted to go on sale mid-2006, along with mildly-revised Gallardo models. They could be formally unveiled at September's Frankfurt Motor Show, however.



cool news - but what's up with the subject - HOME???

a quick acronym search showed up:

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somehow I don't think you're referring to any of those...
ah crap, well now my post just seems pointless

just like this one really :p
Whats there to talk about this "new" Murcielago...well, if it aint broke, dont fix it :D That white helmet behind the wheel looks like the Stig :stig:
SL65AMG~V12~604BHP!!!!!!! said:
Whats there to talk about this "new" Murcielago...well, if it aint broke, dont fix it :D That white helmet behind the wheel looks like the Stig :stig:

It ain?t broke, but I think they?re just playing safe: make it better before it?s too late and the competition is too far ahead.
Besides, more power is always good... :roll:
Yeah, that's a good workover... Its going to be a blast...