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Spy Shot: Porsche 911 GT3


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Sep 7, 2004
Bradford, UK
We reckon this is the new 997-series 911 GT3, the road-going version of the GT3 Cup race car. Giveaways include the twin exhaust tailpipes, centrally-mounted. It is expected to have the 3.8-litre engine as in the Carrera S, however, rather than the Cup's 3.6, giving a good 400 bhp nonetheless though it's unlikely to rev to 8200rpm like the race car.


It looks so weird to see a race missile like that in an arctic enviroment :D

I like it a lot, looks so nice in the photos. The back spoiler is on the limit but I think it's ok. And the rims look great as well.
That looks so much better than the normal 911.
does it look to anyone elts like the rear grill is split by a strip running down the middle...like on the 993 C2S?
Snow is a good way to test suspension, stability systems and all that stuff without driving at crazy speeds.
Well, maybe also because winter just ended :)
Looks hot, as is to be expected :thumbsup:
Finally, a 911 that i like

Nice rims and wing
atleast that wing is better looking than the one i've seen before, that looked like a gemballa spoiler, cause it doesn't look nice on the 997... maybe it was a gemballa? :p
here are some pics I found today about the race version :woot:

I love this car...
I was worried I wasn't going to like the new 911 GT3, cause I wasn't crazy about the 997 in general. Glad to see I was wrong.
wow... that looks amazing... does anyone else notice that the bonnet is alot longer than previous porsches?
Wow, i think it looks amazing, espcially in black. But for some reason I really don't like those 997 series wheels, idk what it is about them, I just don't like them. :(
Would rather some BBS style wheels, but hey, if I had one I wouldn't complain!