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Spy Shot: Porsche 911 Targa

DJ said:
sandor_ said:
Germans = engineering
Italians = looks

In general, yes. But not Porsche 911. It is mostly about tradition. In 2005, engine in the rear isn't considered good engineering. They have done wonders with it, but it is simply not the best place to put the engine. It's probably only a matter of time rationality beats tradition (the same way water-cooling replaced air-cooling).

It's a good car though :thumbsup: Of course, not as good as the last air-cooled version, but good ;-)

its true. rear engine has its problems, but having that weight over the drive wheels is nice. and lifting in a turn is breath taking :shock:

I do think Porsche is prepping for the end of a rear engined car. the C-GT is mid engined, the Boxster is mid engined, the Cayman is mid engined. But i also do think Porsche will make the 911 if it is not rear engined.
VWKafer said:
sandor_ said:
BlaRo said:
VWKafer said:
Corvette coupes are called targas, as are Nissan 300ZX's (where applicable)
A Targa refers to the entire middle roof section being removed. The 300ZX is a T-Top instead; that is, it retains a structural brace in the center, with two side panels that can be removed. It's like a Targa, except stiffer.
thats precisely the reason Porsche dropped the old targa design-too much torsional flexibility because it was based on the cabriolet not the coupe - "all the flex, half the air"
Actually it was the other way around, Targa first then Cabriolet.

@BlaRo, Thats right, forgot about T-tops.

True, i guess my point was more that the original targa was based on a fully open cockpit (like a cab) with an (ill fitting) removable top =) - seeing one of the old soft-rear window targas really highlights this- with the top and rear window off, the only difference in body to the cabs is the roll bar. in fact, it is a fairly common practice to turn the G-series 911 (84-89) targas into cabs.

whereas the new targas are based on a closed cockpit with an extra large opening cut in the top.

anyway, :) i love me some 911s!