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Spy Shot: Vauxhall Corsa


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Sep 7, 2004
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The all-new Corsa is due for launch early 2006. It will share its platform with the next-generation Punto, which makes its debut later this year, as well as with the new Lancia Epsilon, Musa and Fiat Idea. A long-running shared development programme, despite the recent General Motors-Fiat divorce the Corsa and Punto will continue to share engines, including the 1.3-litre multi-jet diesel. Expect also a hot model this time around to rival the Fiesta ST, Ibiza Cupra, 206 GTi and so on. New-generation Meriva compact MPVs will follow at a later date; Tigra roadsters will continue as they are, at least in the short-medium term.




Odd taillights :blink:
very odd indeed - I love how they've tried to disguise them and make em look like they go all the way up the boot though - quite imaginative :p

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I guess the lights aren't round, just disguised to like they are. They'll probably look a lot like Astra's.
It looks horrible and rubbish. I prefer the old models
Feb launch: The new Corsa will be launched in February, but in the meantime, it's still undergoing final cold-weather testing.

Cabin: Here's the first clear shot of its cabin, however: it's been much-modernised, and Vauxhall/Opel seems to have fitted better-quality plastics, fixtures and fittings.

Punto platform: The Corsa was co-developed with Fiat's latest Punto, prior to the breakdown in the GM-Fiat alliance. It shares the same basic underpinnings as the Punto and the same engines, including the economical 1.3-litre multi-jet diesel, to be badged CDTi in the Vauxhall.

VXR aswell: There'll also be a turbocharged VXR version of the 1.6 petrol, developing 180bhp to take on the Fiesta ST and Colt CZT; this engine, in combination with a close-ratio six-speed manual gearbox, is also be used in the Meriva VXR mini-MPV which goes on sale at the same time. Expect also lowered, stiffened suspension, body kit, Recaro seats and all the trimmings in the VXR.



Don't know - I was just reliefed to see that there's a small window in front of the rear view mirror, visibility would've been catastrophic for a small car otherwise. I am already disappointed by the interior picture - that looks like very cheap plastic in the lower part of the door.

By the way: nice to know that I'll get some non-supercar information as well on this forum again - now that Overheat is back!
jayjaya29 said:
Why is it taped up like that?
It's to break up the lines of the car when viewed by others. I believe it also screws up reflections from camera flashes at night.