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Spy Shot: Volkswagen Concept-C (2006)


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Sep 7, 2004
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The production car will be unveiled in a few weeks in Frankfurt, and its name formally announced (it?s not going to be called Golf), but in the meantime, final testing of Volkswagen?s Golf-based coupe-cabriolet is underway. This will be larger than earlier Golf cabriolets, with a generously-sized boot despite its folding roof ? which, as we can see from these pictures, is constructed from glass panels, giving the car a unique selling point compared to the conventionally metal-roofed Astra TwinTop, 307CC and Megane CC. Expect engines including the 2.0 FSI, the 200bhp turbocharged TFSI and the 3.2V6, as well as a high-powered diesel, probably a version of the 2.0 TDI PD engine.





Overheat said:
the light will almost definately continue along those lines on the production version imo
thats what i was thinking bc those lines will look stupid if they remain there...
Another folding-metal-roof convertible with a rear end out of all proportion - :yucky:
^ That's because a lot of the coupe-convertibles share very similar roof lines and boot shapes.
That is a very very unattractive rear end... From what can be seen, the front looks ok though.
Volkswagen has officially announced what we've known for months now - the name of the Concept C production coupe/convertible will be called Eos.

The 4-seater Eos is built on a Golf V/Jetta V components and looks similar to a what a Jetta coupe might look like, however it has a three piece folding hard-top, a shorter trunk than the Jetta and a completely different front end design with tear-drop headlamps similar to those on the Concept C. The Eos will be available in the North American market starting next May and will have the 200hp 2.0T FSI and a 250hp 3.2 VR6 FSI as available powertrains. Expect pricing to start around $30,000.

The Volkswagen AG press release follows below....

Wolfsburg, 26 August 2005 - The name of the new Volkswagen cabriolet-coup? has been chosen: Eos ? goddess of the dawn.

The name Eos refers to the Greek goddess of the dawn and evokes associations with an idealised cabriolet driving situation ? in the early minutes of a summer day. Phonetically, Eos is a quick, clear name which is easy to say all over the world.

The Eos concept continues to draw on Greek mythology. If you believe the Greek myth, the goddess Eos rose with her chariot from the depths of the sea to bring the people daylight every morning. Eos is also the mother of the wind and of the evening and morning star. Dawn, wind, stars ? this all fits in perfectly with driving a fascinating cabriolet.

The Eos body concept was not derived from a closed-top model, it was developed as an independent cabriolet-coup?. Fundamental technology such as the engine range (85 kW / 115 PS to 184 kW / 250 PS) and the running gear can all be traced back to the new Passat. Dr. Wolfgang Bernhard, Member of the Board of Management with responsibility for the Volkswagen brand, will unveil the Eos at the International Motor Show (IAA) in Frankfurt on 12 September 2005 at 11 a.m.

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no doubt it will be very cute :mouse:
Re: Spy Shot: Volkswagen Concept-C (2006)



I just think that the best profile of all the CCs that are coming out is the C70's one. (Shouldn't it be C40 or even C30?)
There shouldnt be soo many varients of the all-mighty GTi :thumbsdown: Anyway, this car is what they call market expansion...all the major car companies are doing it.
SL65AMG~V12~604BHP!!!!!!! said:
There shouldnt be soo many varients of the all-mighty GTi :thumbsdown:
Sigh...you really pay no attention, do you? Look at my sig, please.
Eos - what a bloody stupid name!!