Stand Up or Sit Daun? - Ringmeet 2021 Photo Thread


Jul 20, 2009
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Ringmeet 2021 in the history books, let's share some photos.

First was meeting a certain Fin at FRA on Thursday morning... Or employing a foreigner to carry my luggage.


Then a short drive from FRA to the new campsite


Once there, we got daun to business.


Not too far from our camp site was this lovely campervan an older gentleman had. Sadly he only stayed one night because opposite of this was some BMW enthusiasts who decided that 3-4AM was the time to start revving engines. This guy wasn't a fan and left early. :(


The next morning, I walked from my hotel to camp and as it was a solid 15 minutes, had some views along the way.



Plan was to see the Berg castle, but with a wait time of 1.5-2 hours in 28+C heat, it was decided by most of us that the 1-2km walk was enough...


So, the group of folks I was with, @Galantti, @DaHitch, @Tram, @Adrian and others I forgot, we first went to CockPit for some libations of currywurst and spezi, then walked over to the track and watched a trackday.





After that we went up to the track entrance, during our transit up the track was closed for a brief period, but we were entertained in the parking lot when one of the track day teams got their van stuck in the grass.


I don't have more photos of Friday but it was a great moment of how the Ring affects us. As we had been wandering around all day in the heat some of us were exhausted. @Tram for example was ready to go back to the campsite to get out of the sun and such. Then @DanRoM asked if one of us wanted a ride and we all pointed to @Tram. :D Once he came back after the lap, he had the biggest smile. :)

This was also the time that @leviathan missed 6 FG people going on the track and each time he was like "did so and so go on yet?" He seemingly always had his back turned when one of us went out. :D

Saturday was nice and had some good views.



After some sight seeing of cars, @lip wanted to take the barkwagon on the track and I was passenger while @DaBoom guided him through.



Seems the barkwagon had wider tires installed and this didn't bode well for suspension compression. During the dips and fast cornering the tires would rub and reflected such when we got off and parked. :)

After that, standing around by the entrance was done, but not without getting a lap in @Adrian's M5.


This was pretty relaxed, after that I went out with @DaBoom in his rental Swift, but I didn't get many good photos.


Then we went to Adenau for some ice cream. I of course had to get my usual, Spaghetti Eis.


That evening we went to the Harmony restaurant.


There was not enough space on the terrace, so we had the riff raff daun below.



Much of the same the next day for me. I think this year I spent most of it at the entrance or riding with people doing laps.


Spent a little time at Brunnchen.



I don't have more photos of Friday but it was a great moment of how the Ring affects us. As we had been wandering around all day in the heat some of us were exhausted. @Tram for example was ready to go back to the campsite to get out of the sun and such. Then @DanRoM asked if one of us wanted a ride and we all pointed to @Tram. :D Once he came back after the lap, he had the biggest smile. :)
There were quite a few videos and track photos posted on Telegram. Could someone with a better functioning IT system post them here as well? For the same reason all videos I have will get posted later, when I get my PC to function again..
Sunday, @loose_unit filled up AW BA115 2.0 for a lap.


As a result of the "taking it easy" lap that he did, we used as much of the tires as we could.


I got to experience @Adrian's M5 wagon's ferocious SMG shifts. Apparently that's when you put the car in sport and turn off stability control...

I also got a lap in @lip's Audi, here's a snippet.

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OMG! I passed a thing! Well, a Mini, not a Thing. You know what I mean!
Haha, now THAT'S more like it.
Allright, Roadtrip done, on to the Ringmeet report:

Thursday, 12th and Friday 13th of August 2021 (Day 5+6)

Thursday: Before I would arrive at the Ringmeet camping place I drove straight to my hotel in Gerolstein to check in. But while still underway Adrian telegram'd me that he was on a urgent search for a hotel room as the facilities at the new camping place didn't met his needs. I gave info that I would ask in my hotel for space, but it turned out my palace was fully booked to the last room with the higher echelons of german army disaster relief officers. (Was interesting to daily listen in to their breakfast table talks and phone calls, gave me a true sense of scale to the flooding). - Anyway luckily Adrian found a room on his own soon after. (y)

Friday: Let's head to the campsite. Familiar picture there, grass, chairs, phones: ?

Speaking of phones, as I'm a dinosaur when it comes to telecommunication this was my first truly mobile-phone-with-warp-speed-internet meet. With all the pros an cons: Was truly awesome to easily check where everybody was and when and where stuff happend, but in retrospect, I think a quarter of my time at Ringmeet looked like this: :ROFLMAO:

But ignore my getting-old whine, it's time to have fun: And fun was a visit to the Burg Eltz, about a 40min drive away from camp. When it comes to romantic old piles this has epitome quality, a must-see for a fan of these imposing sheds like me. However, the romance lost it a little when I saw the overlong queue of likeminded hordes as soon as I jumped off the parking-to-castle shuttle. Reason was bloody Covid. Only 300 people could be inside the Burg at one time:

Half a dozen other Finalgearians where also present, but they turned around as soon as they realised the prospect of standing in the glaring sun for an hour just to get into this tourist magnet. This meant soon enough I was the only knight holding a FG banner during the upcoming siege. Eh, I had enough time and enough water, and whilst babbling with my fellow we-storm-this-castle-today tourist troops, the time went by quickly, and after 45min access was had:

One could roam free around the outside, and while there were two restaurants, I chose the guided inside tour: Sadly there were no cameras allowed during the 40min we went through a dozen of great and imposing rooms, you have to take my word for it. Turns out Castle Eltz was (and to a part still is) actually a tight cluster of different family houses. - Anyway, I had a great in-awe time, and when I left peak time obviously was over as the queue was considerably smaller by now:

Back to camp for some meet time. - Different activities went on, this dangerous game took my interests, and after the strong viking was done I went in with Darjan for a few rounds. Besides a many close calls, I got the tennis ball straight into the face only once surprisingly: ?

And later on when I discovered the cutesy FG food&drink trough tent I had really arrived: :p

The evening went by with sitting around a fire pit listening to amusing bullshit. :ROFLMAO:
End of Day 6, stay tuned for Day 7.
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Saturday, 14th of August 2021 (Day 7)

Burning time at a castle is one thing, going to the Nürburgring is another: Today was Ring day. - Before I even came to the roadtrip and during that I had no intention to drive my V10 tank through the green hell. Despite the "sport" in S6 and some oomph under the bonnet, it's not built for going touchy-feely with red and white curbs. Even when I drove off with Mikko and Chris from the campsite towards the Ring location my intention was clear: Park it up and then take the busy ring entrance flair by hanging around and oogle at things with wheels. - Plan set, let's do it. - We just had to wait a moment for Mikko to raise the value of the Peugeot by cleaning the wipers: ?

Problem was, Mikko knows the track very well. And what do you do when you have such a versatile navigator/instructor handy? - Exactly: You kick your plan in the groin, you get a ring card, you get the car, you get said instructor and a passenger, and then you go at it: ?


That done, back to the original plan, hanging around, oogling at cars:


Meanwhile the other Finalgear V10 wagon turned up...

... and Chris and I hopped in it for Adrians first lap...

... and the word VIOLENCE doesn't even come close to describing that experience: ?

Well, getting shaken around like that makes room in the stomach:

Back to car spotting, and I also took a short outtime to do some accumulated work mails, but on most of them I answered: "Leave it, I'll be back on Monday anyway". ✋?

May look like a accident scene at a first glance, but this was actually the FG gathering place, taking advantage of Adrian's VIP parking space:

Cool used-and-abused wrap:

These poor guys, it may not be like that, but I had the feeling the track was closed most of the time for bikers because as soon as a oil/coolant spill got cleaned up, another one happend right after:

Dave and the 309 going for 10mins of of terror-lean: ?

The good thing about closures is that as soon as the track re-opens everybody jumps onto/into their wheels, giving oneself a relative short time window to get your car from the gravel parking and plonk it on a good spot into the now half-empty Devils Diner Fresspalast carpark before the first 7 minute pros turn up again:

The M5 went in and out all day. Good times, good times.

Was a good ring day: Later on the whole gang invaded a restaurant, and as more and more Finalgearians and +1's turned up we overspilled into the garden:


And then back to base, to the usual fire pit ring with anecdotes, ranging from witty to amazing to utterly boring, and then back again. :ROFLMAO:

End of Day 7
Stay tuned for Day 8
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Sunday, 15th of August 2021 (Day 8)

Lots of busy pics yesterday, so you would expect the same amount or more for todays report. - Nope, there are just a handful of boring ones, because all I did at Sunday... was driving home. - Yeah, since I had to work on Monday I had to leave the Ringmeet while others where still ringmeeting.

Apart from a dozen german army disaster relief officers my hotel also housed some other people with important jobs:

So then, oil checked, oil filled, off we go, 5h30min southwards back to Switzerland. Sure, some pauses would have to be added to that time... but there was also a lot of time to withdraw because while the S6 hasn't been built for the Nürburgring, it has been built to comfortably cruise at 200km/h+ for hours. - And that's exactly what we did. ? - First pause was at the Mosel bridge again (see roadtrip report), couldn't just roar by that awesome location:

The Sunday morning Autobahn was heaven for me and the V10 bahnstomper, even when there were only two lanes, sitting at ze NEIN!-limiter without too much interruption was easy done. - Only occasionally some left lane hugger was in the way, for sure always a car with a bike rack at the rear as these bulky add-ons must be blocking all three mirrors... - Apart from that quite some progress was had, and it was fun to see the ETA time on the GPS continuously going backwards... :p

...until this happend...

...and then a bit of this...

...and of course a bit of this:

But overall the pace was in the upper part, the S6 behaved flawlessly and didn't mind at all getting the spores for a considerable amount of time. Somewhere in the afternoon I took a lenghty off for a late supper, but soon enough: HEIMAT! :D

Only one thing to do:

And that was it. - See ya next year. - In a S6 with a loud bolt-on exhaust ?, or in a Tesla with none ?. -Ha!

Greetings, lip
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I still need to edit real photos, but I at least linked the Instaballs pics I had on the Roadtrip thread.

So, here goes my Ringmeet snaps! I took way more, but also, my phone kept dying and I didn't post very many.

Went to go bother Dale at Rent4Ring and hoon a Swift. I had written down the wrong time for the 'Ring rental, though, and ended up in town stupid early...on a nearly dead battery. I had a "ha, but I'm the Texan?" moment parking next to Dale's truck, though:

I went to grab some tickets, but the office wasn't open yet. The cars, though? The cars are very good:

I really should do Burg Eltz some other year, though—maybe if a bunch of us can find a non-slammed time? Haha. Lip's pics look rad and when it comes to things we don't have in the U.S.: CASTLES (any).

Turns out, the chargers in Nürburg are just for Teslas. Oops. I figured surely someone had to have a non-Tesla version installed by now. Nope! The closest public charger would've been in Adenau, which was barely within the projected range of what I had left and I'd be hosed if I got down there and the plug was out. So, I called Apex, knowing they both had a Porsche and hotel guests in and out who might know of the closest charger. They said that Manthey has a plug, and I successfully begged use of it. It was a slooooooow plug, but it did the job. Also, the scenery is as awesome as you'd expect:

It matched Floyd the Piggie. Also, the license plate was definitely chosen because it looks like "AW PISSS." First time I caught air on the Nordschleife! Woot.

Joe gave me the greatest present I've ever received: THE "AW BA115" plate. I was kind of sad it wouldn't fit on the parsh. It looks like it belongs, man.

Cut off to deliver some stuff to Joe's and use the wagon like, well, a wagon:

It got priority parshking at Brunnchen:

I had to eventually give the Taycan back, which was sad. SAD! At least there was a cool Integra in the parking lot while I waited:

This fake-dirty parsh got a lot of attention. I'd like it better without the fake-dirt look? Also, wow, it looks like my potato didn't focus on it at all. Oops:

THIS is what I've been craving for two years straight:

Assorted vehicles I'd like to see (and/or did see) hoon the 'Ring:

Adrian's V10 makes a fine breakfast table:

I never had Cockpit before! Cockpit is great. I ate a ball made of meat at the cockpit. Cock. Balls. Meat. Pit. Yes:

THIS is what I've REALLY been craving for two years straight, and indeed, Ali Baba in Adenau is still my favorite:

Eventually, I had to leave, and fortunately, there was space in IceBone's car to drop me off at my next, post-Ringmeet stop in Roth. Aaaaaand then I ended up driving a pickup truck anyway:
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Greetings, lip

This was funny to hear in person and how you're like "I said it ONCE and it's still brought up!" :D
On day 5, which is technically day 1 of Ringmeet but I'll keep a common naming convention for the sake of convenience, we went to take a look at the Eltz Castle, only to find out there was an incredible row of people waiting for entrance, and that there was a very limited, very small number of people that can visit it at the same time. I don't remember the exact number, but the row was seemingly endless, so most of us decided to look at it from the distance and go back. There were ambitious individuals, as seen from the previous posts, though.


Later that day, a group of us decided to go to see cars that were driving on the Ring. I didn't ask many questions, I just took some pics of cars I found interesting:



And some went to take a lap that day. @DanRoM and @Adrian:


And @ninjacoco in a rental Swift:


There were some pretty cool cars around:


Carspotting is what the day 6 mainly consisted of:



I found a compatriot:


And spend the rest of the day taking pics from the track or around the track:





I didn't take any relevant pics on day 7, or later. On day 8, I headed back to Slovenia, hoping to catch a bus to Zagreb at 00:30 on day 8+1, which didn't happen. Luckily, I got a partial refund for that ticket and arrived safely home after sleeping at nicjasno's and catching a morning bus, even managing to make it to a hospital appointment in the morning. Overall, it's been a good experience and I'm hoping to see you guys next year. I might not be able to make it to the Ringmeet, but the Roadtrip is a must-go for me.
so much parsh