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Jul 6, 2006
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If you haven't heard about this game you should check it out. From the same guy that made Wing commander, but it's not done yet and probably won't be until 2015, but it is looking amazing even right now. Not to mention it will be properly HUGE! Watch the video below for more info

Also this one where he goes into small details of a ship

I am really looking forward to this. This is really looking like it will turn out to be absolutely spectacular once it's done

Btw, here is the site for all the info you need.
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He's also the guy behind Freelance. I fully intend to get myself lost in this game. Even planning on upgrading the computer just for it.
Probably the only game which would justify a top-end PC for me. Cannot wait :)
Came over this picture to show some scale

The big ship is a Bengal carrier and the 300i is the ship I got. Pretty little thing:)
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The big ship is a Bengal carrier and the 300i is the ship I got. Pretty little thing:)

edit: scratch that! i found what i was looking for :p

looks promising this, oh hell, i'm in! :burnrubber:

edit?: damn that website takes some getting used to. also, on firefox, all the embedded youtube videos won't load, there's just empty space :mad: anyhooooo, i'm rather giddy with excitement!
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edit?: damn that website takes some getting used to.

Understatement of the century... I've come across this project a couple of times now and each time tried to find out what exactly it's about on the website, but always gave up after a few minutes of clicking around without the slightest idea what I was supposed to be looking for or what any of it actually meant.
Agree with you there. I end up with a bazillion tabs in no time at all. It's filled with info and background stories and it's very hard to figure out where to start.
Found this mega thread however on a different forum that's supposedly filled with info. Gonna start reading there instead tomorrow to see whats what.

Oh yeah, there is also this bit easier to follow
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Chris explains how the economy system will work
Hm.. I might have mixed the name up with something similar ... let me recheck

- - - Updated - - -

Yeah sorry, brain-fuckup, I meant Endless Space. No clue how I fucked that up in my head.
Yeah, think you have to wait about 2 years and iirc it will be free to play, but don't quote me on that just yet
It isn't free to play, I just bought into it from a friend who was an early backer, got myself beta and alpha access and lifetime insurance on my first ship, aka respawn city :p

If it's 75% as good as Freelancer im sold, and as far away from EVE as possible. 40$ isnt a big ask, the basic package is still 30$.
You don't have to buy anything. You can get everything by putting the time in
You have to buy the base game... it isn't free to download

To play Star Citizen you need only to buy the initial game. There will never be a monthly charge for usage.
This looks amazing.
Just in time then. Was at 95% when I checked in earlier today. Now its at 1% completion for the 17 million mark:)
can't wait to get my hands on that 300i. little bummed we're not getting the business hangar, but hey, can't have everything :p