Star Citizen

That certainly does look awesome, the interior makes me think:

Cave Johnson said:
Wow, I am in space.

Makes me wonder if eventual spaceships will look like that purely because we want them to, I want a spaceship with teak decking on the floor. :p
The 890 Jump will probably have teak. :p It is just a space yacht, after all.


Now we're talking. These designers are good.
There was a big livestream with amazing preview footage today, which I'll post as soon as it's on youtube, but for now...

Ok, full recording of the livestream is up.


Go to 36:08 to skip all the pre-fluff and go to the most exciting bit of alpha 3.0 gameplay preview.
Was not all that interested in space sims. Looks cool but I had meh sort of feeling. All changed when I watched that ^ video! Holy crap it's amazing.

Tried out the free fly thing they are having right now and it's pretty awesome. The level of detail is mind boggling. And to think that it's just only a part of the whole picture makes my head hurt. Free players get a Hornet to fly around in. I got a ride on a Retaliator(sp?) as well. Even the small things like getting in to the ship, getting in to a turret is utter brilliant.

I'm not sold on the whole 200 - 300+ dollar ships though (15000 game packages :blink:). They need recoup the developing cost, but I think that's too much for a game. At least for me that is. Still, can't wait to see the full realisation of this.
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There's a promotion of sorts going on where everyone gets a free small ship for a few days. I tried it out - Crusader is unplayably laggy and the game crashed before I could work out how to get to my ship....
Yeah, if you're just interested in finding out what the game is like, keep in mind first and foremost that it's an alpha. That includes bugs and netcode (the reason for the lag in Crusader).
Yeah, I just think an open even such as this could have waited until things were a bit more polished for the general public. Doesn't do the game any favors.

The on-foot controls felt super weird as well, I kept running forward when I was trying to move left or right. It was slightly better with a controller.
Wait until you watch this, then

Saw that! Mind blown...

There's a promotion of sorts going on where everyone gets a free small ship for a few days. I tried it out - Crusader is unplayably laggy and the game crashed before I could work out how to get to my ship....

This will help out if you are trying again. There is a video linked in there that explains the basics of flight as well.

Btw do you have Fraps running? For some reason I found out that fraps makes the entire game laggy.
New planet tech moons to replace the placeholders in the current Stanton system:

Character customization tech is modeled closely on the ship customization:

The first iteration of the facial customization will feature several presets that can blend together to create new combinations:

What character presentation would be complete without a catwalk?


Here's the original video these clips are from:

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Stealing ships in Crusader is fun. :lol:

I'm getting terrible performance but it is an alpha after all. :)
Sure it is, after evidence was provided, "it can be faked" just like the game's current state :shifty:
Looking through the user's post history, he's a huge proponent of refunds in /r/screfunds and real good chums with /u/dsmart and all his alt accounts. It's a fake.

It's also very convenient how immediately after dsmart posts that people should get a refund, a 45k refund is suddenly performed and then gloated about on the very subreddit that's dedicated to nothing but FUD about Star Citizen. Veeeeeery convenient.
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Cloud Imperium spokesperson Dave Swofford tells Ars that "a lot of the information was fabricated" in the Reddit post discussed the below. Swofford says the account in question was issued an individual refund of $330, not the $45,000 claimed in posted screenshots and videos which Swofford says do not reflect actual complaints requests logged by the company. What's more, Swofford says the refund was handled "in a timely fashion" with "no extended debate over whether we should."