Star Citizen

I wonder what ground crytek has to stand on. After that contract was signed, cig bought out the engine, nullifying the contract. Hmmm...

And for the second point: It's by far not the longest game development while being a far more advanced game. GTA V took 7 years. FFIV took 13 years. Both smaller scope and by established studios.

Please do some research before posting click bait horse shit. There's enough drama incited by the ever present poppy cutters.
Thanatos;n3547402 said:

New engine. It'll probably delay the release by another 10 years.
so there's actually no longer any hope of this thing ever being released as a "final" version, am I getting this right? ... not that I had any hopes of that anyway.

edit: some of the points the video is trying to make about the new engine just seem like complete horseshit or directly contradictory. half of it sounds made up to sound great or some crap. ugh.


edit3: absolute GARBAGE interior fire effects in a spaceship... the fuck? why just not leave that out entirely?
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I'm still subbed to BoredGamer, who somehow seems to still manage daily videos about Star Citizen. I can't understand how he does it and see no reason why I should care about the game any more. :dunno: