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How they knew that..?

Well iirc they revived this weird little fluffy thing with his blood, after wondering why he wont die. Or more specific, after Kirk was dead bones then saw that this little guinea pig thingy he treated with Khans blood earlier was alive. At least thats what I recall :D.

Actually, that makes it entirely possible that the others have that too, I guess. But considering they found out while he was already dead, they didn't really had the time or didn't wanna take the chance to kill/lose Khan.

Do you seriously not know what Tribbles are? It's an icon of the original series
I knew those little suckers from TOS, but I totally do not recall any name for them, in addition to the fact that I never saw TOS in english, where the name might vary too.
Hmmm, Two groups of geeks that built TOS sets... lol
New Voyages/Phase II have the worst actor since Richard Hammond playing Kirk, which is a shame as the rest of the show is on par with, if not better than TOS.

EDIT: Great news! Phase II producer James Cawley finally saw the light and fired himself as Kirk! Will watch some episodes and see how the new guy works....
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One of the things I love about Star Trek is how passionate the fans are. A guy on Reddit did a 3D model of the "Apollo" class - which is to the Ambassador what the Nebula is to the Galaxy-class. It's consistent within the universe and would look right at home as part of an on-screen fleet.