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Star Wars Ep 3


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Aug 29, 2004
Brisbane, Australia.
Went and saw the opening of it last night at midnight. Was pretty dissappointed with it. Anyone else seen it??

Not gonna say too much about it cause I can here people already saying OMG WHERE WAS THE SPOILER WARNING AHHHHHH!!!!
going to see it tonight. rofl on bbc i read these comments bout the people seeing the 1st show in england at 6 in the morning

"...funny how none of them bought their girlfriends along, hold on, most of these guys dont have girlfriends"


"proves how there are sad people in this world"

read them on bbc the funny ass
I like the Leno joke:

"Lucas says hardcore Star Wars fans will leave his latest film crying"

"Yeah, they'll realize they wasted the last 20 years of their life"
haha... Yeah well I think it was pretty poor because you sat there during the big fight scenes going... he can't die... he can't die.. that guy won't die... he won't die... because you know who is in the next movie.
hahah.... i havent watched the other movies.... ive only watched from 1-2...so after 3 ill buy the fake dvds of the whole series...
i just watched it, thought it was good!

some sad mother fuckers dressed up to see it, really wanted to diss them...but was with my dad
IT WAS GREAT I love IT! pretty good stuff..... but close your eyes when DV was born... how that make it trough the final CUT!!!!! I DUNNO
Yayox said:
IT WAS GREAT I love IT! pretty good stuff..... but close your eyes when DV was born... how that make it trough the final CUT!!!!! I DUNNO

One word.

it looks like it's the most popular file on pirate bay right now with over 1400 seeders :shock:
I thought it was excellent, certainly much better that Eps 1 and 2.

When Vader does the whole "Nooooooooo"thing, total Rocky rip there "Adrian!!!"

When Anakin is lying right before he gets BBQ'd he says "I hate you", I sould have sworn he said "I had you" and that immediatly reminded me of the Black Knight from Monty Python's Holy Grail :lol:
first 20 minutes R2 stole the show :lol:
then for an hour i was pretty bored
then for another 40 minute the action picked up and i got really interested
the last 20 minutes gave me chills...vader being built, the deth star, the twin sons on tatooien....loved it...
haha I loved the last 5 minutes when it changed from all the ships having crazy holograms and screens filled with data n shit all over their dashboards to..... matt black dash with red and white rectangles on it.