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Star Wars

Star Wars

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Sep 25, 2004
Stavanger - Norway
Well, Im a big movie fan as some of you might know. But I have alwasy refused to watch Star Wars so I last saw them when I was to young to remember, until this weekend. A friend of me has them all on DVD so I borrowed them, and fell in love. Completely. Im going through the era I should have gone through 10 yrs ago. So Im intersted in what you guys think. Heres what I think iMDB style:

Episode I - The Phantom Menace: 9/10. Strong 9. Say whatever you want, I love the special effects, there may be some bad acting but who cares. I enjoyed it to the last minute.

Episode II - Attack Of The Clones: 9/10 Same as number I. I just loved it.

Episode IV - A New Hope: 7/10 Strong seven. The script is astonishing but the low budget is so low that it annoyed me. Still was mind blowing though.

Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back: 9/10 Almost as good as it gets. Allthough not a ten because it doesnt really manage to stand on its own.

Episode VI - Return Of The Jedi: 10/10 One of my favourite movies of all time. Gotta love Darth Vader, Luke and Han Solo. Science Fiction at its best.
An incredibly overrated series in my opinion. Perhaps it's one of those things where I'd have enjoyed it more on the initial release. I tend not to like older films for some reason, guess I just can't relate to them quite as well.
In the same place as anim?,

^ Your avatar is perfectly suited for you opinion there. :?

I think it's fantastic.
I think I can understand why people that weren't alive for the first Star Wars movie might not like it as much.
Back then there was no other movie like it, it changed the film industry in numerous ways.
Right now, there are lots of movies that compete with it, and I imagine if you grew up with that competition already there, you'd possibly think it's not that special.
However, when I was a kid, there was nothing that came close to Star Wars, something that just doesn't happen anymore, and this makes it very special and nostalgic for me. :thumbsup:
hanasand said:
In the same place as anim?,


Damn you - stop dissing my anim?! :D
Have you watched Animatrix btw? - I suppose this is one of the most mainstream uses of anim? besides Kill Bill Vol 1. I adore Animatrix (and KBV1 - but that's a diff subject) and feel that the anim? really does justice to the Matrix series.
Until The New Shit Came Along, Yes!
No, it's so damn boring, I'm not sure if I'm thinking of Star Wars or Star Trek, but whatever it's all the same.

"One wet bucket" As we say here. ;)
I like Star Trek, that's a good modern program, although the original series isn't all that great imo. But I still don't like Star Wars.
Sorry but it really doesnt interest me :thumbsdown:
I always thought they were OK scifi movies, but by no means great. These new ones are just shite, let's face it...
Overheat said:
I like Star Trek, that's a good modern program, although the original series isn't all that great imo. But I still don't like Star Wars.
i thought the series with Patrick Steward were the best.
watched the old Voyager series as well, but the new voyager series cant interest me. the same goes with the Star Wars thing.
yea, I liked Patrick Stewart series too, The Next Generation. I also really like Voyager, but the other series' don't interest me as much.
I quite like the "Enterprise" series, (got some nice eye-candy :twisted: ).

lol, Everytime they return from a mission I hope they have to decontaminate. :twisted:

Has anyone seen the new Battlestar Galactica ? I've read some reviews and they were quite enthusiastic about it.
hehe, yea I remember the first episode of Enterprise, when she gets those nipple-ons and they're all wonky in one shot then it cuts away and cuts back and they're back to normal. Can you tell I paid close attention to that scene? haha