Starbucks is slipping! Oh nose!

Let's end this, you clearly don't get that i am not talking about the coffee drinking habit, but about the excessive overspending and bad finance management.

Although if you ask your doctor which is worse for you, a cup of coffee every day or a new car-part/computer-part every year, i think the answer wud be the coffee, but that's not the point here.

And you clearly have such an inflated self worth that you seem to think everything you do is right and everything you don't do is wrong. Buying new computer parts is apparently a good use of money because you would do it but somebody who chooses to spend their money on a cup of coffee which they enjoy is labeled a "moron" because they are wasting money. :rolleyes: Buying something they enjoy everyday is a waste, but buying something as unimportant in life as computer parts isn't?

Also, your "ask a doctor" argument is just sad and weak, you're just grasping at straws. If it "not the point here" than why mention it? That's almost as weak as your "let's end this" followed by an insult and a sad attempt to get the last word in.
Sorry, if I interfere in this, but isn't quarreling about whether drinking bad coffee or not a waste of time? I'm sure there are subjects which are more worth fighting about ;)
I'm not much of a coffee drinker, but it seems that anytime I feeling like having some (when I'm out)'s always Starbucks because it's just there. And I always regret it because I don't like the taste.

I may be a little biased (because I sell the product now), but the Nescafe stuff is the best IMO.
^ No McDonald's in your mall? Regardless the quality of the food, the coffee is really good if you want actual coffee.
So what are Canadians' thoughts on Second Cup vs. Starbucks? I been to both a few times, but I don't know enough about coffee to tell the difference.
^ No McDonald's in your mall? Regardless the quality of the food, the coffee is really good if you want actual coffee.

Nope. I've heard good things about their coffee though, next time I want a cup I'll seek them out instead.
For the quick cup in the morning I always have my Senseo :) And the pads from Aldi are the best tasting ones here.
"Oh my god, what a drink! It's milk and coffee mixed together! You've gotta go there! Sit down, have a doughnut! Have a bagel!"
paying for coffee is for suckers! free vending machines at work FTW!

I like Second Cup, but I usually drink their sodas because coffee gives me a bad tummy.

The real lunacy here is the queues at the Tim Horton's Drive-Thrus. Our main road gets blocked some mornings because everyone is lining up to get their $1 coffee. What do they put in that stuff, crack?
My staple coffee is 8 o'clock columbian. I feel good now!
Never been to a Starbucks in my life, Just Tim Hortons.

And I can agree about the craziness... My town has roughly 10k people and we have two Tims's and they're always packed with people all the time, everybody is crazy for the coffee. I mean like lanes of roads used as lineups for drive thru's.

I'll stop in whenever it looks like I shouldn't have to wait, lol