An Unfortunate Discovery
Feb 17, 2006
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To my surprise, it seems like Bethesda managed to release a game that wasn't completely broken at launch. I think that's worth talking about.

I wasn't planning to play this for at least a month, until at least some of the bugs were ironed out. To my surprise, the combination of Yahtzee's Zero Punctuation review and one by another guy I watch called Nerbit basically told me that it isn't unplayable on launch and I decided to give it a go.

It's only fairly recently that I got the Fallout 4 DLCs on the cheap and played through those, so I'm in the mood for a bit of Bethesda action and my old pal Phil McCraken has only been in hiding for a few weeks. He's aged a bit, put on a few pounds and lost his pirate hat. I chose Dream Home and Introvert so he can shout at kids to get off his damn lawn.*


So far I've not progressed the main story any more than I need to, I've been doing side quests and generally picking fights where I don't need to. Always with higher level enemies, thankfully I've picked up some decent weapons and the shooting mechanic is pretty good. As an avid V.A.T.S. fan it would be nice to have that though.

Anyone else playing along with half of the gaming community?

*There's no lawn.
Glad I'm not the only one who just piles stuff up. :LOL:

I just completed the mission to break into the Mantis lair and steal his shit while I was at level 7/8, pretty sure I wasn't supposed to do that.
I don't have money to buy new ships yet, and I don't want to clutter up the cargo hold, so for now I'll have to throw everything on the floor.
Finished the Freestar Collective quest line, now I have the Star Eagle. It's got a much bigger cargo hold.
I've been getting on pretty well with the Razorleaf, the cargo hold isn't any bigger than the Frontier though. That looks like Akila, I went there for the first time today.

Starfield 16_09_2023 19_39_17.jpg

I found this in a starport, why are there benches in the toilets? I wouldn't want an audience while space pooping.
Starfield 16_09_2023 18_11_46.jpg
You can accidentally lob grenades in trash cans.

I tried the ship builder, wow that's a steaming turd at the moment. My ship was apparently flying around on the grid, which disappeared at one point. I put some modules aside and because the ship 'moved' they got left behind and I got errors about unattached modules.

None of it is very intuitive either, some weapons just don't go on certain mount points but it's hard to tell if that's the case or if the editor is just being janky.
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Both the ship builder and outpost builder sucks right now. Wait for mods I guess.
I did finally work it out and was able to add extra cargo to my Razorleaf, along with improving the cannons, missiles, reactor and shields. That whole shifting the plane up and down is so shit, honestly LEGO Creator had better 3D editing in the late 1990s. I had the credits spare as I paid off the 125K house a while ago, mostly from selling contraband. Naughty Mantis.

Starfield 19_09_2023 20_25_10 copy.jpg

I'm just shy of level 15 now and finding some of the bounty missions really easy. My modified Grendel and Maelstrom cut through people more quickly than they can fire back. Just for fun I went berserk in Cydonia, I managed to kill all of the robots and security with only a handful of med packs. I did see something interesting in one of the underground hangars though.

Starfield 19_09_2023 20_07_03 copy.jpg

I'm also really impressed with the level of detail you get when looking down into these from above.
Starfield 19_09_2023 20_14_53 copy.jpg