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Starting an LFS Server


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Apr 19, 2005
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How much bandwidth/resources would it take to run a few races on a dedicated server?

I might be interested in putting a server on my server. Does it run on linux?

EDIT: This information should be up here:

note: this server is HIDDEN, and it will not appear on the main server list. Click on "Join specific game".

host: chickeneater
password: fg
No, it doesn't directly. However some people managed to run dedicated server on wine, but that requires some effort. Dunno about resources, but bandwidth you can check yourself. Just go in multiplayer - start new server and play with settings, it will tell you what line you need.
yep, you get the amount of upload kb needed as you change max number of cars, pack, and guest ai-s
from my experience, i can host with my 15kb upload up for till 6-7people(cars) with the packs set to max at 6, after that things get laggy
I have ~160 GB bandwidth per month available on a barely used dedicated server. I see one server apparently runs FreeBSD...

Would you like another server to possibly run full time, or would that be a bad idea?
that would be very generous :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

edit: it would make things much easier for spontaneous racing, no more who'll host, who's got the connection, what game and pw is he hosting under etc, one server 24/7, one game name and one pw. :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
Thank you for your generous offer. :thumbsup: There's only one thing I would suggest. Opening a server without giving one of the guys admin rights or whatever it is called, wouldn't work that well. Don't get me wrong, I'm not demanding anything but it would be a shame if we couldn't ban people or reserve slots etc. on the server if you're not there.
swek does have a point there... that has to be sorted out... but that is an awesome idea chickeneater :thumbsup:
ok, I got the S1 server setup, but the S2 server does not seem to work. Maybe I can fix it when I have more time.

try (with S1):
host: chickeneater
pass: fg

edit: tell me who the admins are and I'll PM them the password
I'm an admin, Viper007Bond too.

Sounds Great, I appreciate your offer and I'll sure use it, too bad I'm more of a S2 player nowadays.

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w00t! yeah just lock the turbo. I'll try it later tonight! Thanks a lot mate! :)

You deserve a custom title!
Yeeeah. Chickeneater you are the hero of the day!!! :bow: & thanks a LOOOOOT!!!!! :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
Oh, one request please. Don't make Viper Admin. What are we going to do if the Admin is the only one behaving like a Nascar driver on Extasy. ;)
^ :lol: :lol: :lol:
i dont think it would make much sense though, he played s2 for 10minutes a few weeks ago, rammed everyone 150times in that time period, crashed his car to pieces 300times, and gave up :p
He's never online.

I play a lot more, I say me and Josty should get the admin pw.
Isnt there an option in s2 server hosting to make the game "non-public"? I believe seeing sth like that so that it doesnt appear on the big server list, hence we wouldnt really need to be bothered by "intruders"

*goes checking lfs*

edit: here's what i get when i want to host a game at the top of the screen.


how about making it hidden, so that only people from this forum would know about the game name and pw?