Stew or Steak & Kidney pie?


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Nov 21, 2007
I can cook, sort of - I have survived living away from home for 3 years without killing anybody - but I'm not generally much more advanced than throw stuff in a pan and heat :)

So anyway to get to the point, I have a pack of stewing steak that was going cheap, my question is what should I cook? I would like to do a Steak and Kidney pie/pudding, because they are the greatest food ever invented :D. But with my questionable cooking ability will I just ruin some perfectly good steak?

My fallback idea is some kind of stew but what else do you generally put in with the meat for either?

If you have some other better idea for it on a student budget (and cooking for 1:() then it would be much appreciated!
Stew is much more foolproof than the pie. Just get some potatoes, onions, garlic, carrots, celery. Dice the beef, season with S+P, then coat with floor, and brown off. Take the beef out, then start sweating the onions, carrots, celery and garlic in some butter, plus some herbs and spices. Then add the beef and potatoes plus a liquid (chicken/beef stock or water) and some red wine. Let it go for a bit on a lower heat, then season with some more S+P and taste. If the seasoning is good, then it's pretty much done. Just make sure the potatoes are cooked properly, plus, I usually add some frozen peas right before serving.
stew has existed for as long as there has been pots into which you could put meat liquid and root veggies. there is nothing more fool proof than stew