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STi All Terrain Vehicle


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Jan 27, 2005
I seriously hope this isn't a repost but this was in the latest Motor Magazine.


more pictures here

Its a 2L STi engined, AWD vehicle of pure insanity :evil:

probably used to catch sheep easier :lol:

anyone else know of any similar creations?
Saw it over at DS. It's nuts.
i wonder if these guys are gna sell em to the public...wat would the cose be like...tats awesome stuff
yeah, neither tyre profile or pattern say take me offroad :D

nevertheless its insane, that engine in such a thing :thumbsup:
Wooptidoop said:
What kind of idiot chops up a car like that to make a buggy? :puke: :bangin: :blowup:

I'm not sure but i think it could have been a wreck to start with, God knows there is no shortage of WRX wrecks... no pun intended :mrgreen:

personally I think it needs a rollcage, ATV's in my experience tend to get a bit...flippant :oops:
Stop calling photoshops you tard it's a real thing, many other pics in the link