Stig spotted at TG Australia Test Track at Camden Airport

^ He's a Stig - they're not the brightest of creatures.

Quick, yes. Mentally Challenged? Almost certainly.
^ Yeah :), but if you want him to get in the driver's seat, herding him towards the passenger side is pretty poor work from the production team. :p
Its a current spec GT40, and yes it is right hand drive.

And they DO have a Stig and they WILL be doing SIRPC. Fantastic.

I'm of the crowd that wanted TGAU to sort of take parts of the existing TG format, rather than start a scratch, so this comes as good news. I hope Camden airport test track is more exciting than that part of Sydney.
I met Lee Holman of Holman Moody who raced the GT40 way back when in 2005. Toured what's left the Holman Moody workshop near Charlotte North Carolina. Met a couple of guys who worked on the race team and seem unwilling to fully retire 'cause they're still having too much fun. Also learned the reason for the Gurney bubble. Mr G was a tall bloke and couldn't stand hitting his head on the roof ALL the time during the 24 hour (?) race, hence the Gurney bubble was invented.