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Sep 21, 2003
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How the heck do we not have a thread for Stranger Things yet?! It's absolutely amazing! I binge watched the hell out of it and recommend you do the same. It's only 8 episodes and is on Netflix.

Seriously, I cannot recommend it enough!
Well that I wonder about many shows.. this one, meh.. the thread is also hard to justify to discuss potential development due to the nature of the release..

On the matter of the show: Definitely not a wasted time, I liked it quite a bit, but I wasn't really satisfied with the season ending...
I came here to make a thread!

Started wathing it yesterday late night and usualy I watch 1 episode, but I watched 2 in a row! And I guess I could have watched at least 4 in a row! Its so well put together and interesting and the music!!! Half of everything is the music, the themes and the songs that people listen in the movie. Actualy accidentaly I have listened to the main theme on Youtube, someone used it on a car video, so went to find out whats was it and it was a remix of the original theme, but still good and it got me hooked, I mean if the music is so good and atmospheric, the show must be good. :)

Its been a long long time since I was so amazed at every frame and sound watching a movie or a series.

I didnt wath the trailer of the show yet and I wont, I plan not to read this thred till I finished with it! :)

Finished it! And it was awesome! Every episode was unique and diferent. I mean one of the best shows ever and ever like since the invention of television! Everyone should watch it!

Cant stop litening to the soundrack of the show, of all the themes. Especialy now as it is the transision of summer to autumn. It is still warm but a bit colder in the evening. The sunsets are a bit diferent and in the evening listening to those synths is super awesome!
New trailer! July 4, 2019.

Stranger things 3 is out! Who else has binged?
Good season.
Two episodes into Stranger Things 3, I think they are overdoing the 80s-ness a bit, the same way Mad Men sometimes overdid the "OMG the 50s were so un-PC" bit. It just feels MORE in-your-face 80s than, say, Sixteen Candles, Ferris Bueller, or The Breakfast Club.
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If you have not finished the third season, do not read the spoiler!

Just found out that there is content after the credits in the final episode. If you have missed this as i did, to back and watch, this is a tease into next season.
Woo, dates for the final season announced!

Just read that this is the penultimate season (hence that letter's "beginning of the end" comment).
Also, spin-offs within the "Stranger Things Universe" strongly hinted at. I don't like that, since it's again milking the same idea to the death instead of taking risks on putting new ones in production.
I'm excited for the final season. After that I'll promptly cancel Netflix :D
Watched the first half of season 4, it is quite good.
Watched the first half of season 4, it is quite good.

Yeah I’m up to episode 4 or thereabouts. So far I’m impressed, but you can also tell this is one of Netflix’s highest budget shows with the special effects this series.

Leaving us hanging, dicks. :p

Yeah, left hanging over a gaping chasm!
Yeah, left hanging over a gaping chasm!

I was more concerned with Max to be honest. That last bit where she's in Lucas' arms and she says "I can't see, I'm scared" with those milky eyes.....