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Street Photography in London - Opinions


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Apr 30, 2005
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I was in London today and the crappy weather meant decent landscapes were out of the question. I had a look at some stuff by a guy called Matt Stuart the other day (http://www.mattstuart.com) and felt I'd like to have a go at photographing random events/people in the street as there's more to a city than just it's landmarks. The first of the images nicely illustrates the 3 major modes of London transport and has been cropped from the original. The second was taken whilst sitting in Starbucks and people watching. Both have been turned b&w in PS.

Not as entheusiastic about the second but I really like the first one! The crop is just right! The bus in front of the guy with the bike is quite cool. Both photos work better in B&W than (I think) they would in color.

I would agree that the 1st is better. I felt the feet was a bit more abstract and I actually didn't plan the picture at all. I still find it quite hard to bring myself to take pictures of random people. You always feel like your invading their privacy a bit!
the feet woulda been better if they were sharper
isaacaiken said:
the feet woulda been better if they were sharper

Hmmm....I was aiming for the sort of gritty, in motion quality. Adds some life to the image rather than it just being someones legs!