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StreetTuner challenge


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Feb 7, 2005
Worcestersheshershire MA
99 Volvo V70R
so there is this new show on Speed called Street Tuner Challenge

Street Tuner Challenge

From the producers of the innovative Speed Channel series Chop Cut Rebuild comes the unique series STREET TUNER CHALLENGE? 13 half-hour episodes featuring? Two Over the Top shops in tuner experience and a Major Manufacturer? as they go for it all in a challenge turn their projects into Ultimate? Tuner Bling!

Shot at locations across North America, the series is a hybrid of reality programming, combined with our signature ?coyote? music video / documentary style to deliver a one of a kind automotive & lifestyle series spotlighting ?sport compacts? and their appeal across the international domain.

From Europe, our first project features Volkswagen?s sleek next generation Jetta-Mark V. Japan enters in with Nissan?s classic 1993 rear wheel drive Skyline- GTR. On the home front, GM Performance Parts tackles a ready for rippin? 2005 Chevrolet Cobalt SS.

To capture the inner realm of the devout tuner enthusiast, we punctuate every episode in a hands on, getting it all out lifestyle segment, Crankin? It! We go well beyond bolts and grease - highlighting the grit beside gloss within these sensational projects -step by intricate step in their boldly phased, radical transformations. Warning: This is NOT merely a test? be TUNED in!

All this leads to 3 vehicles staged and ready for a?Time Attack!!!?30 minutes?3 cars...3 drivers?as many fast and furious laps as each can spin?only one lap counts.. lowest time posted?no forgive?scorch the clock?final tick?as these ultra-popped Street Tuners scream for build and design REWARD!!!

ok so the idea is pretty sound and i can get behind it but the cars they have racing just make no sense i am sure both the jetta and the cobalt can make great power and handle really well but i just don't see how the GTR can loose this one. Am i the only one here who thinks this is gonna be a hell of a one sided race?