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Stupid question

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Nov 27, 2003
Quebec, Canada
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Alright, I thought about this yesterday so today it's YOUR turn to think about it! :lol:

here's my Q.

Why does it stinks after you've gone uphill (assuming it's a big hill) and what is the cause of that smell.

So it's in two part.

Why it stinks?
What makes the odor?

I really don't get why, since (I thought) an engine works harder when revving high than when steady at 3k RPM to go uphill... or was I wrong?
WTF? I've never heard of uphill stinking :lol: Maybe you farted

It's just normal stinkness for going up a big hill, not the egg thing (I know that duh) it's done that in every car I've been in.

A big long hill where you try to go fast that is...

it's not a problem, it's normal..
Smell from the transmission differential maybe?
well rev's are just how fast engine (and car) are going. uphill or not it will be the same unless you down-shift.
however how hard you press the gas pedal will change how much the engine strains, which might explain more exhaust and more smell.

i think the new digital-pedaled cars might be a bit different due to computer override :|
My car doesn't stink...

Could be the clutch, if you hold a car on the clutch on a hill for a long time it will stink. And it'll be wrecked if you keep doing it, it's just the friction burning it. Shouldn't happen in normal driving though.....
no no no..

I'm not a dumbass dammit...

and the car is an automatic.

Just forget it, you guys don't seem to understand or have more knowledge than a bread.
:lol: What Renesis really means to say is that it's all in his head. :p
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