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stupid small codec problems


New Member
Jun 10, 2005
i have figured out that i had to dl infranview player, divx, realplayer, and quicktime. it seems like every other time i download an episode i have to find a new player to play both the video and/or audio at the same time. my current situation is that i am seeing that infranview is playing the majority but with this specific episode it plays both video and audio flawlessly but then 5 seconds into it the audio cuts out. i dl'ed avicodec program and the gspot one and they both seem to say that i have the correct codecs to play. i really don't know how to use them or where to dl codecs or really how to tell which ones to get. can someone point a noob in the right direction? i wish i could just dl a huge bundle of codecs and never have to go on this hunt again. it's really frustrating to wait forever to dl an episode and not be able to watch it. thanks guys..... :)
Or you can download VLC player, nearly every filter under the sun is included and it even play .ISOs and .IMGs from DVDs bought and may have back upped to your PC. :)