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You can't... yet. I'll be puttin' out torrents for them later. :)
Heres another stupid question...

Do you extract the videos from the zip folder or leave it in there?

well to view them you have to. But to seed them, you link the .zip file

well I guess..
Perhaps I should not ZIP them so people don't have to keep the ZIP?
Yah..some of the videos I already have them, so keeping the zip means I have 2 of the files. Tat also means less hdd space. :( :cry:
i do like that little html link viper's been including though
but yeah i say go no zips

I have to admit I don't like the zips too!

My HDDs are always full (although I got 280 GB :wink: ) so keeping two files with the same content is not very practical...
Why doesn't VUK mention this site with a short "intro-screen" at the beginning of each video like he did fof fast-autos.net?

Sounds like a plan to me. VUK?
im against that, i like the rip straight as if im watching it on TV. no logo on the screen or intro IMO.

maybe a poll could be set up to decide this?
Pfft, it's just like 5 seconds at the beginning. What's the big deal?
Viper007Bond said:
Pfft, it's just like 5 seconds at the beginning. What's the big deal?

I agree. It's not like a banner or anything.. just a little intro. I'M sure this will attract lots of people here
Yeah, VUK will be doing it after he works out some technical details. It'll have like "ripped by VUK", "more at gear.viper007bond.com" and what episode it is.