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Nov 27, 2003
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Great stuff there.. my only complaint... why all mac stuff? I sure as hell don't want to get an Apple logo on my start button! if it wasn't for that I'd download your stuff cause it looks very good!

keep it up! 8)
Wow, thanks - glad you like it. However, most of the themes on there are 'ported over from Mac themes. So, of course, they would have an Apple logo on them. Also, we only make Suites out of the most popular themes, and they just always seem to be the ones ported from Mac themes. However, some of the themes allow you to change what you have on the start button; an Apple or a Windows logo. Can't remember which ones exactly, though...
I've always been confused by desktop mods that make a Windows machine look like a Mac. It's not a Mac, so why even make it look like one?

It's just as bad as all the ricers out there that put Type-R stickers on their non Type-R Integras or Acura badges on their Hondas. Anyone who sees a car with a fake Type-R decal on it and knows what Type-R means would obviously know that the car is not a Type-R. I don't know if car-illiterate people are impressed by badges that make no sense (like Type-R) but it's a pretty useless thing to do when those that would be impressed by it are also the ones that know it's a fake.

Anyways, I guess it would be sort of cute to have an Apple logo on a Win32 machine, but really... why?
True, true, I know what you mean. I've never tried to make my PC look exactly like a Mac (although I know people who do) It's simply that most of the themes available on the Mac are far better than the ones you can get on Windows. So, we port them over and use them. You're getting the Mac-style look, without the huge pricetag :wink:
I like the mac look but I absoletely hate macs.. that's why I don't want the logo! :?
Renesis said:
I like the mac look but I absoletely hate macs.. that's why I don't want the logo! :?

You hate Macs? Have you used OSX or a new G5? I used to also really hate Macs, but there is absolutely nothing to hate about their new OS and processor.

If I could afford it, I'd go out and buy a Dual 2ghz G5 tower... they're practically the Ferrari's of the computer world.
not a G5, OSX yes but I was cussing and wanted to beat the shit out of it just like every mac I used so far.

And the mouse! it was aweful! :shock: looked like a retro mouse and worked only when it wanted to! :evil:
I rather like Macs myself. My parents have an old G4 outside, with the latest version of OSX on it, and I find it just so much better than WindowsXP. It looks great, it's reasonably fast and it just works. If I had the money, I would go out and buy a G5 right now. However, my site is not aimed specifically at re-creating the Mac look on a PC. We create 'Suites'; collections of similiar style icons, wallpapers, skins, etc for a paticular skin-style. For example, 'Milk' is all whites and greys, and we have similiar skins and icons for it, so your desktop and programs all have a similiar style.
Anyway, please don't let this turn into a "I hate Macs"; "Nah, Macs are great" thread. I've seen a lot of them in my time, and they lead to nothing :|
I know, I'm a specialist of these threads, most mac users get real picky and it's funny but you're right it's not the point of this thread so let's go back to the original topic.

And BTW, I agree with you, the apps of Macs look good