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Subaru WRX STi chop


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Apr 5, 2005
Adelaide - Australia
1974 Leyland Mini, 1963 Morris Mini
here is the subaru


and the modded......

Changes are

carbon fibre mirrors
carbon fibre lights
carbon fibre hood
enlarged hood scoop
various grilles enlarged
2 door conversion
also shaved abit

feedback please
i also have red, dark-blue, greeny-blue colours
yep, quite ok :mrgreen:
but as m_weinerich said, rims are somehow a bit out of perspective, and a bit too close to the ground, not much rubber between the rims and the ground. try to find rims that have tires on'em already ;)
i dont get it it looks completely fine to me the rims might be a bit out of perspective but there is enough rubber between them and the ground ill fix it up tomorow.
Okey have some feedback..

I would leave the mirrors in blue, it's a bit too much carbon now.
This car can have a big intercooler visible..
Maybe you wanna put the new Impreza headlight on it, this version sucks.
And maybe you can make the rims gold again..

Not commenting about the chopping, just about the car itself here:
I prefer the original. ;)
eh wats up wit the colour looks like vomit man...lol apart frmt that its nice
the colour is nicer than the orig blu

mate wtf hav u been eating if your vomit looks like that??? paint? :mrgreen:
I think it looks realy good man. The rims look great to me :thumbsup:
yeah well if you look at the original the front one IS bigger than the rear......
are your eyes open?
cookie720 said:
yeah well if you look at the original the front one IS bigger than the rear......
are your eyes open?

calm down bud :)

Now that he mentions it, the front one does look like it is a bit too tall, even when you look at the original.
ok thanks for the feedback guys.. turns out this chop is a bit of a disaster