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May 15, 2006
Loughborough UK
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I took some time today to just think about how much sugar I actually eat a day, that I know of. That means excluding the sugars and stuff hiding in other not so obvious food stuffs

In a day I may have:

3-4 cups of tea, usually with 2 teaspoons of sugar
Few biscuits
If I had porridge in the morning, more sugar on there and if not then I have honey cheerios which are again coated in sugar
Might have a lucozade isotonic drink or coke/dr pepper (500ml bottle)

Anyway Im guess I would probably be a diabetic if it weren't for all the exercise (that may not even be right, I have no idea how diabetes works so call me ignorant on that one).

And thats the rub. I dunno what it is but often in training I just don't have the where with all to properly put some good effort in. I dunno whether this is due to feeling a bit indifferent to training at times (i.e. head not in the game) or whether too much sugar is leaving me without any real energy to actually train hard.

Does too much sugar fuck your energy levels/make you feel mopey/indifferent/tired etc? Also would too much sugar explain losing weight when I stop going to the gym?
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If too much sugar automatically made you diabetic, Americans would be in some serious trouble. I'd consider what you listed pretty normal. No knowledge of actual health risks so won't chime in there.

EDIT: made one stupid mistake, American biscuit =/= UK biscuit (ours are bread and not very sugary)
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your username is a cookie company. i'd change that to get on track first.