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Suggest Questions For The Site FAQ


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Sep 21, 2003
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I'm gonna write the FAQ and need some questions to put in it. Any suggestions as to what should go in it?

I was thinking of the histories of both shows (anyone care to provide details - wanna make sure I have my facts straight) as well as some other stuff.
start with "when will top gear start?".

zach will want to remind himself to read the question over and over and over... :mrgreen:
Anyone care to explain to me the histories of the shows? I'm not really that sure what happened...

And seriously, gimme some other stuff to put in it. Help me out - I have enough to do as it is. :p
hmm I don't know right now but I'll think about it...

and you should make it an announcement that we would see on top of each section so people would stiop asking how to use bittorrent
Why should I register?
Explaination of how to make a banner/signature? :roll: (
What is a FAQ section? ;-)
Is there a limit to signature image size?
What are the rules?
How do I edit my profile?
How do I find posts that may already have the answer to the question I have? (Very Important!)
How do I put a poll in my post?
Can I send email to other members?
What Are Moderators?
What are active topics?
What do I do if I forget my Password?
Can I be notified by e-mail when there are new posts? '

It may sound stupid with this questions..but i'm sure it comes in handy with the new members...And with this FAQ you might encourage people to become a member and participate to the forum.

Good luck
I'm talking about this FAQ which is meant for questions about the site and shows. ;)
Ok, here's what I can remember about the history. Bear mind some of this happened before I was even alive, so I might not be spot on.

Top Gear started in 1978, according to IMDB. The foramt was fairly similar since it's inception - a number of items, each dealt with by a different presenter. Some well known (in the UK at least) names were presenters, including Noel Edmonds and Angela Rippon.

In 1989 Jeremy Clarkson joined the programme. His distinctive style worked well, and along with Tiff Needell and Quentin Willson, the show was doing pretty well. This lasted until 2000, when Clarkson left to try other projects, including a chat show. The show carried on for another year until the BBC decided Top Gear had reached the end of the road (see what I did there) and didn't renew it for another series.

The fairly newly formed Channel 5 (now 'five', all lower case) bought the format from the production company, keeping the same presenters: Tiff, VBH (mmm), and Quentin, maybe some others too. This became Fifth Gear.

Then in 2002, the BBC realised getting rid of Top Gear was a pretty stupid idea. They got Clarkson back on board, and relauched the show with the same name, but a completely new (and enormously succesful, imo) format. All the other presenters were new faces. This is Top Gear as we now and love it today. Oh, but James May replaced the fat guy from Series 2 onwards.

There have been other motoring shows on terrestrial UK TV, Channel 4's Driven was pretty good in places. ITV's attempt, Pulling Power is, quite frankly, pants. I'm not sure it's on anymore.

Hope this helps.
That helps a lot! :)

*remembers that he never really did finish the FAQ on the site*
I've also got a suggestion for a FAQ.

"What source do the captures come from, and which codecs are used?"

or something to that effect. I presume the answers are digital TV (Freeview or satellite), and some kind of MPEG-4 codec, but it would be nice to have it in the faq.
Previous rips to this month were just standard TV, but Vuk got a DV box, so now they're digital.