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Suggestion : IRC channel

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Oct 25, 2005
London, UK
May I suggest that we try to acquire a channel on an irc-server? preferably Efnet ,, or Quakenet ?

Would be nice to have a place to chat, you know before shows and so on. I?m sitting here waiting for a release from Vuk, but I probably have to wait another day =\\\\\.

I?m in Sweden.
EFNET sucks, long live P44. :D
EFNet woulda kinda be the network for us, plus it's popular meaning people wouldn't have to join a network just for our channel, but I like P44 'cause I know the owner and 'cause it actually has services, unlike EFNet which has none and a nick length of like 8. :thumbsdown:
I like freenode, personally :)

It's less w4rri0rz powered than EFNet, Undernet and whateverNet.

Though the main topic of finalgear chatroom is probably not fitting in freenode guidelines :D
Yeah, it'd be too much of a pain in the ass to move, plus P44 does rock. I was just talking theortically. ;)
Jeez man learn to read stickies oi
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