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Suggestions and comments for the show.

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The Therion

Sep 20, 2005
Sorry if this topic exists somewhere already. I checke d3-4 pages, didnt find something...got tired of searching :D

Just a fe commnets/suggestions for the show. feel free to add yours (continuing the numbering):

1. I realize its a sports car show mainly, but it has become popular in general.So, when ocassionaly they present a NON-sports car, its really indifferent how fast it does 0-60 and it is unfair to count it as a "minus"

2. How about some guest star suggestions ? I'd like to see (i havent watched ALL the episodes yet, so sorry if i mention someone that has already been a guest star) :

John Cleese (in fact ANY monty python member)
Adrian Paul (Highlander TV series)
Rowan Atkinson
Ewan McGregor
Joe Pesci (!!)
Famke Jansen

3. I like the Jeremy in a car VS the guys in public transport challenges....but honestly, the car only wins because they choose destinations that give a chance to the car.

4. The word "rubish"is used far too often. We dont know how much rubbish is it, form car to car. Surely they cant be all bad in the same amount. Beside....rubish ....for whom? For the sports driver? For the everyday driver? For the ? little of everything driver" ? For our mothers ?

5. Its a matter of taste of course, but there are some serious problems with the cool board. And dammit jaguars are not pretty ! (most of them). They WERe ugly, and they still are ! :mrgreen:

6. Is it me, or does Jeremy always favour the british car ? :p

7. I'd like , as often as possible, the 3 way review. Where each of them test the same car. Those are th best reviews, cause you get a different point of view from 3 different kinds of people.

8. Please DO give EVERY car that passes through the set, to the STIG for a lap time. Also a nice idea would be, to tells us a few os the STIGS comments about each car driven (very briefly, just bottom line).

Umm....thats it for now, if i think anything else i'll be back. Feel free to chime in. 8)
Yep, you forgot to look in the stickied threads. ;)

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