Suggestions for a future TGA?

Suggestions for a future TGA?

  • TGA new season is feasible, only in absence of TGUK

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  • TGA new season is feasible, only with middle-aged witty presenters

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  • TGA new season feasible, even with younger presenters

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  • TGA new season only possible with uniquely australian feel (no british wit)

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  • TGA canNOT ever be revived

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Aug 10, 2014
Melbourne, VIC
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Dear finalgear,

I, as a late teenager, have set out with an eventual career ambition of re-launching Top Gear Australia. No, I'm completely serious and dedicated, and yes, I've thought a lot about it and even found a couple of mates with good ideas.

Do you have any ideas on how to make this an actual proper top gear series worthy of its name?
And, what do you think of:
- Having a modern-ish set
- Toyota corolla for the car segment (which I don't wanna rename?)
- ending with 'on that bombshell'- should we deviate?
- imperial units for power and accel.
- stig being named stiggo with racial stereotypes attatched
- me having a beard if I present

How is this post any different than any of the previous "I want to make Top Gear" posts throughout the years? Did you read the answers? No? Did you even search for them? That makes us sad.

As a fantasy, it's great. But if you're really dedicated, let's not sugar coat it:

To make it an actual proper Top Gear series, you'll need some millions of dollars. You need money to secure rights from BBC Worldwide, money to get decent equipment, pay crew, pay for locations, pay for permits, pay for insurance, and pay for music rights.

And you and your crew need to be experienced. It's not easy making a TV show, let alone something as polished and admired as Top Gear. Established TV production companies strive for 'Top Gear' quality, and don't quite get there. The people that made the two previous incarnations of TGA had experience and money, and they still didn't make it.

There's no point trying to make a half-arsed Top Gear - the UK boys are already doing it. And who wants to watch a teenager with bumfluff reviewing a clapped out Corolla filmed with an old GoPro?

Create your own show that's not a Top Gear rip-off. Don't shout "POWER!" or make the most tortured metaphor... In The World. Don't have an anonymous racing driver - unless you really do have access to the most amazing driver... In The World.

Guessing your delivery platform is going to be YouTube, so just start making videos and see what audience develops. How much presenting experience do you have? Look at doing some courses, help with community radio, develop your presenting skills.

Find the worst knock-off Top Gear attempt on YouTube and most likely it'll be better than what you initially churn out. Your first twenty videos will be embarrassing and terrible. Not fit for public viewing. But you'll learn important things while making each one. Work really hard, be brutally honest with the results of your efforts, learn from your mistakes, and you can only get better.
I myself have considered re-launching Top Gear Australia myself though I'd probably change it to be Top Gear Australasia to include New Zealand in the mix, the challenge really would be to come up with a compelling package to pitch then it's probably more realistic as stated above to do something original. I'm in my late 20s and can at least claim to have actual experience or at least the skill to produce a cheaply made pilot proving I can do what I say I can do but as a late teen you'd have quite a tough time I think, it would probably be more interesting to make a youtube show around being an teen Aussie car enthusiast and all the challenges which surround it.
JCrowRussel, if you ever come back, this is why people don't bother to answer posts like yours. You sign up, post once, then disappear forever.

So sad.