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surprise surprise, my TG episode guide...

justin syder

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Dec 8, 2003
New York, USA
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Well, obviously I can't update my TG episode guide and have decided to scrap it. I don't have the time to update it or fix it and there are more than enough TG guides here so no one will miss it.

If anyone does or will miss it then someone can takeover and update it, in a new thread, so as to provide a guide, updated in the the forum. PM if you want to otherwise I will delete the thread in 30days. I know it has helped many ppl but its time has come or rather my time has run out.
Man yours was the only guide for so long. It certainly helped me back in the early days. Cheers for the guide ;)

It doesn't NEED to be deleted does it. Just let it hang there, it ain't doing no harm. Its already being linked from the TG Ep Guide + Resources thread..
meh, I was just thinking that we have more than enough guides, (TG) one less would simplify things thats all. I would rather someone continue it, update it. If not then I'll just leave it or update it when I have the spare time.

It was the grandfather episode guide for so long. :p