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Sweetener linked with Cancer!!


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Dec 19, 2004
Sweetener linked with Cancer and the Sweetener is called Aspartame. Foods with this are:

Soft Drinks and Cola
Fruit Drinks (Pure non concerate Juice does not have it, by the looks of it)
Chewing Gum
Fruit Youghts and Youghts
Dairy Desserts and Fromage frais
Table-top sweeteners
Syrups and antibiotics for children
Low-Carlorie Meals
Sports Drinks (Gulp football teams will need to look into there players sport drinks now.)
Chocolate Bars
Ice Creams and Frozen snacks
Cereal mixes, muesli
Fruit Preserves and canned fruits

Also this sweetener is 10 times more dangerous then sudan 1. Ok after having a look through some drinks, I found Pepsi and Lilt has it.

Which would mean also Coke and other top brands, another thing which has it is Muller Light Youghts.

As soon as I find out more products affected by this I post it up. So if your going to eat something check out what is in the thing you about to eat.

Or if you about to drink check in your drinks, also this news story was found on Daily Express Newspaper.

I scan the full story later guys, or i try and find it somewhere else
i prefer stuff with real sugar anyway. just don't get too much of it and you're fine...
Give me a reputable medical journal article please. No www.aspartamekills.com bullshit. As far as I know, as long as you don't have Phenyketonuria (PKU) aspartame isn't bad. If you're going to bring up the methanol issue, a glass of grape or tomato juice has more methanol than a few cans of coke that have "gone bad."

No need to get worried yet people :p
Too many people eat or drink all those things and there aren't that high or explosive rates of cancer.

Not to mention that most of those things have been around since the 50s. Where is the generation dying of cancer? :?

I dont buy it. But I'll continue to drink gatorade! :thumbsup:
justin syder said:
Not to mention that most of those things have been around since the 50s. Where is the generation dying of cancer? :?

Well, it's certainly increased since then, big time. But there are a lot more factors involved than just this sweetener. But dietary choices do make a big difference in Cancer pervention.
Also remember that we are now much better at detecting cancers and that the increase in rate is in small part due to this (usually with comorbid cases).

People are living longer now... gotta die of something eventually. Someone that would have been taken out by malaria is now dying of other things :p
Everything gives you cancer these days. :(

Many artifical sugars are not good for you, as long as you don't consume massive quantities of the stuff you are okay.
Problem with these tests is that they expose the testee, usually a lab rats or mice, to the highest dose of the chemical in question.

An example is from the Alar scare in the early 1990's. Because some celebrity made a stink about it, the FDA decided to test apples exposed to Alar, instead of the celebritys head. Alar is, btw, an insecticide. So they had lab mice drink the human equivilent of 30,000 GALLONS of apple juice and only then did they die, leaving open the question if any creature was exposed to 30,000 gallons of ANYTHING would their be harmful effects. Eventually the FDA found Alar is no more harmful than apples natural insecticides.
Getting out of bed in the morning gives you cancer :roll: Personally, I could care less...until it's proven to be as bad as smoking, I'm not gonna worry about something like this....
on the topic of latin: futue te ipsum!!!
My favorite latin saying: Bibito ergo sum!
I drink therefore I am
Any kind of food additive (synthetic or natural) will cause genetic mutations when consumed in large quantities. You need to use simple common sense when putting things in your mouth.
zenkidori said:
as soon as you're born you begin to die.

True, but your choices can either speed or slow that process. More importantly though is the quality of life as opposed to the length
They've been saying that aspartame is a cause of cancer since I can remember in the '80s...
jayjaya29 said:
Everything gives you cancer these days. :(

Seems that way, doesn't it?

The first post in this topic pretty much listed all the good eats worth living for.
Shawn_230 said:
They've been saying that aspartame is a cause of cancer since I can remember in the '80s...

that's what i was thinking as well. nothing new there