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Taipei 101 [56k my ass]


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May 29, 2004
I guess this has been overshadowed by the earthquake near indonesia
but Taipei 101 is now officially open!

It stands in the city Taipei in Taiwan, with its 508 meters and 101 floors it's the highest building on earth.
Taipei 101 is near the epicentre from the last earthquake and on average there are about 200 earthquakes per year..it has a giant iron ball in the top floors to keep the building steady when earthquakes shake the building.
It's the same principle as when a building has a swimmingpool on top, the mass of the water causes the building to vibrate less..









Only the last image shows up. I guess there's not hotlinking off the site that the other images are hosted on.
First one still isn't working. Just download all of the ones you like and upload them: www.imageshack.**
I also use imageshack...

Impressive building!

Yeah, very impressive.
that's one nice looking building
very impressive indeed, I'm a bit worried about it withstanding 200 earthquakes a year though, sounds pretty insane to me to build the highest building on earth somewhere like that....
And the one rant about it is that those cylinders protruding from the side look like sewage outlets, I feel as if the Ninja Turtles will come out of them screaming COWABANGA! :lol:
yeah, me neither, I was actually laughing when I remembered it too :D
lmao I would if I could but it doesn't air here anymore :p
Care to torrent some episodes from ur collection for us? :p :p
Michaelangelo owns you.
Beautiful building.
I remember someone talking about it's design on Charlie Rose a long time ago.
wow.. beautiful thing