Take it or leave it

Take it. Just in case the spirit moves me.

A chance to be the ruler of Nigeria.
Leave it. I'll be killed to death in a day.

Free house dead center of Siberia.
Leave it, while its possible to secure its warmth, getting food and drink may be a bit difficult.

A Time Machine, but it can only go backwards in time.
Leave. That stuff's messed up. Also, the past is messed up.

Being the UN Secretary-General
I don't have a cool enough name, so leave it.

Satin sheets for a single bed.
Leave 'em. Don't have a single bed.

A sack of money a bank robber dropped.
Leave it, it'll probably be marked.

A new house, but you have to build it.
Take it. Always wanted to build my own house.

A shirt that makes you the most beautiful person in the world but instantly catches on fire if exposed to light.
Granted. I shall wear it at night. In the dark. Pitch black works for me.

The absolute understanding of every language, but unable to read or write it.
Take, I could get by just by talking in some remote parts of the world.

A Zonda that has been left unlocked by a careless owner, the keys are in the ignition, however the car is fitted with a tracking device which tells the cops where the car is if it is stolen.
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Take it. Still 3 good legs. Not to mention I would call it 'Sausages'

A donkey with a flatulence problem that had to be kept indoors.