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Taking a screenshot on Mac??


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Jun 13, 2005
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Yes, I have done a search, so hopefully this isn't a repost! :p

Just wondering how one goes about taking a screenshot on a Mac running 10.4.2...

The last time I did it was about two years ago on 10.2 and now, I've completely forgotten... can't find the instruction manual either although I doubt that had the info I want in it.

Cheers mate.

Went thru image capture which led me to finding "Grab" :thumbsup:
Open-apple + shift + 3
That will take a screenshot of your whole screen and place it in a PNG on your desktop named "Picture 1" (or 2 or 3 or whatever)

Open-apple + shift + 4
will give you a crosshairs so you can select only the portion of the screen you want to capture

This works in at least 10.2, 10.3 and 10.4, and I think as far back as 10.1.

Obviously a third party utility will give you more flexibility, but the built in capture util works fine. You can then use preview to convert them to JPEGs or whatever, if PNG isn't your thing.
Actually both those key combinations work in OS9 as well - just tested it on this old PowerBook G3 of mine!!! :)
Well, I already knew Command+Shift+3 was the one you were after, completely forgot about the other one.

Unfortunately in OS9 it uses the crappy Mac proprietary Picture format style of file. It places it in the root directory of your system hard drive... (not that you really care seeing as you use OSX, still, nice to see some consistancy! :) )