Tea is the most popular drink in the world.

But did you know that the British are only #10 in the international ranking of tea drinking nations?

In Europe the region I live in, has the highest tea consumption of them all, based on the excellent water quality we have here in East Frisia. Naturally there has developed a rich tea culture here, that can hold up with any British or Chinese tea culture.

From Wikipedia:

"Tea culture in East Frisia

In an otherwise coffee drinking country, East Frisia is noted for its consumption of tea and its tea culture. Strong black tea is served whenever there are visitors to an East Frisian home or other gathering, as well as with breakfast, mid-afternoon, and mid-evening. Tea is sweetened with kluntjes, a rock candy sugar that melts slowly, allowing multiple cups to be sweetened. Heavy cream is also used to flavor the tea. The tea is generally served in traditional small cups, with little cookies during the week and cake during special occasions or on weekends as a special treat. Brown rum, mixed with kluntjes and left for several months, is also added to black tea in the winter. The tea is alleged to cure headaches, stomach problems, and stress, among many other ailments."


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Why does Americaland not understand the concept of hot tea with lemon. Every time I go to Dunkin Donuts and ask for tea with lemon, they either get really confused or give me the wrong thing. Today I got lemon tea instead of black tea with lemon. Last time they put cream in my tea with lemon... that turned out well.

Iced tea + lemon = perfectly fine
Hot tea + lemon = OMGWTFBBQ.

I always have my tea with a lemon slice, sugar optional.
I hate hot tea with lemon... add a bit of honey and you have the taste of my childhood illnesses. I had to drink so much of that stuff whenever I got a cold, really don't like the clash of sour, sweet and bitter. :yucky:
I've broken down! I need a place to buy good (looseleaf) tea online that has a decent selection and low prices.

Any good ones?
Bit of a late reply, but I order all of my stuff from here, and I believe they have a great selection. Of course, it helps that I have a friend that works there and can get me the employee discount. >.>
No Lipton nor all that western crap, Chinese Tea FTW! :mrgreen:
US is a coffee drinking country - what you gonna' do?

Rather what they think is coffee ;)

No Lipton nor all that western crap, Chinese Tea FTW! :mrgreen:

The tea we consume here, is not grown in the western world but only in Asia ;) The differences are in how the tea is prepared. My personal favorite is this sort:

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Barrys Teabag + hot water

Go to fridge, get milk, go back to cup, stir bag around, squeeze and remove from cup.

Pour in milk, 3 spoons of S?icre, stir.

Optional Digestive biscuit to go with...

Enjoy :)

Repeat if it's a long break.
For me the best cup is earl gray (from afganistan I believe, and no not in bags)
boiling hot water (kettle must just have turned off or you won't get all the flavours from the tea silly people)
Pouring the water over the loose tea in a teaclampthing... (about a teaspoon tea for 2dl water)
Letting it brew for about a minute stirring it a bit untill the tea has a nice amber colour, clamp thing out.
Some Brown Sugar added, stirr to let it disolve quicker, leave it to cool for a few minutes...
Happy times.

I also love white jasmine flavored tea... but that stuff is quite expensive and only one specialist tea store in Stockholm carries it.

And MacGuffin look at it per capita instead, UK is 2nd only to Turky.
:lol: Ok ok...god, you can have your Barry's. But only because you're in Munster, where Lyons appears to be illegal :blink: :p

Really? I thought it was pretty big in Cork...:hmm:
finally a appropriate time for this

That?s Britain for you. Tea solves everything. You?re a bit cold? Tea. Your boyfriend has just left you? Tea. You?ve just been told you?ve got cancer? Tea. Coordinated terrorist attack on the transport network bringing the city to a grinding halt? TEA DAMMIT!
? Live Journal user jslayeruk

on a serious note i love tea, there is nothing better to chill than a a nice cup of mint tea which can sometimes be replaced with earl grey
Then, there's also the AriZona tea brand that's sold here, and we always get the jugs of green tea with honey and its just amazing ^_^ plus they sell the stuff in those big energy-drink-type cans for only .99$. Best stuff ever.

I (heart) AriZona Sweet Tea. Their Green Tea is also yum.

I also like Pacific Chai Vanilla Chai Latte; and I've been giving Tazo's organic chai (bagged with loose leaves, I believe) a go; but I think they're recommended steeping time may be a bit too long for my tastes (or I need to add sugar or something).