I'm madly in love with Earl Grey, and I mean that in a totally heterosexual way.

I also like some herbal teas for when I need a sip but I don't want caffeine. Most of the time however, I do likes me some caffeine. I love relaxing at home on a chilly night with a cup of Golden Yunnan from Rishi Tea. There's something about these small moments that puts me at peace with the world. Right before I go on my killing spree.
Earl Grey is alright. Just tried Chamomile, and thought the smell takes time to get used to.
Stock black tea w/ milk and sugar for me, usually blended (Lipton is the only decent brand here), and properly brewed, none of that teabag stuff
Get a Barry's tea bag. Not Lyons, not that Tetleys muck, BARRY'S.

Steep in boiling water for about 30 seconds (Basically however long it takes to get the milk from the fridge). Give the teabag a quick stir before taking it out.

Plenty of milk, 2 teaspoons of sugar (or 1tsp of Splenda)

To be honest, I never really bother with scalding the cup/pot.

And, I am sorry, but I have to disagree with Adams (Oh I hate myself); tea first, milk second, sugar third. I can't have it any other way.
Barry's sadly not available here in the South very widely. Taylors of Harrogate a good second place.
I love tea jasmine green tea, olong tea, Japanese green tea, english breakfast tea. Hot or cold. I love brands like Pokka, kirin(cold tea) and teas coming from China, Taiwan or Japan. Lipton and twinings are ok.

Also I love Milk tea with tapioca balls, IMO the best milk tea(brands) come from taiwan. The best I had comes from this company http://50lan.com.tw/ they use real tea leaves. You have the option how sweet you want it to be or how much tapioca balls.

In Yorkshire? :p
Anyway, I guess I better start following Douglas Adams' advice.
Thanks for that, I'll keep it in mind next time I make a cup of Earl Grey with one spoon of sugar and a proper dash of milk. :)

As for my technique, I boil the water, put the leaves in a "tea egg" and put that in a cup, pour boiling water over it, stir it, take the egg out after two and a half minutes, add the sugar, stir vigorously and add the milk into the still swirling tea - because I do want the milk to be distributed evenly, but it's poor form to stir tea with milk or cream in it.

By the way, my avatar is basically me before I've had my tea or coffee in the morning. :lol:
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I should get back to my habit of having tea in the morning just so I can look properly British in my (obviously) non-British office.

I mean, who else calmly boils water and makes tea while everyone else is running around like a headless chicken :D
I'm really happy with my Teavana tea infuser. Just tried it out for the first time.

Unfortunately the only loose leaf I have right now is Rasbery Soiree and I'm not in the mood for green tea right now. So Twinings English Breakfast it is. Brewed very dark.
With a slice of lemon, and half a teaspoon of sugar.
I bought one just like that a few days ago to try out if it would work. It's pretty much as awkward to use as I suspected. It's too small (not enough room for the tea to "unfurl") and when you grab tea in it there's always some left between the halves and they're a pain in the ass to remove without emptying the whole damn ball at the same time.
I just fill one half with leaves and close the thing. That gives them the space to expand once they're soaked and also gives me, conveniently, the strength of tea that I want.
I just fill one half with leaves and close the thing. That gives them the space to expand once they're soaked and also gives me, conveniently, the strength of tea that I want.

i have this and even that doesn't allow for enough freedom of movement in the tea i usually fill in... i would be a really sad person having to use one of those ping-pong-ball sized tea-makers.
usually i have to juggle the whole thing about a few times before the leaves are even properly covered by water, otherwise they just form a pyramid floating on top, after that it's ok.
i will admit though, that i'm probably a bit spoiled in this regard since i'm used to my parents' tea pot.
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