Team Schrick, Ep 3 work thread


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May 7, 2006
Team Schrick Episode 3, 18.05.2009

Desperately Seeking Sponsor

Race drivers feel most comfortable on the track. Tim Schrick and Uncle Funny compete in a thrilling classic car race on the N?rburgring Grand Prix Circuit with 2 identical BMW 700. A moving moment for Tim, as his father raced the exact same car himself in the past. Uncle Funny still has a few tricks up his sleeve Tim hasn't learned.

Uncle Funny is worried about Tim's schedule. There's only a few months left to the start of the 24-hours race. The car is completely disassembled, the parts are are scattered to the four winds and money is running low. How can the team work on the crucial suspension tuning for the N?rburgring, without a driveable car? Tim has to get creative, suited up and full of hope he visits a potential sponsor and simply buys a second Aston Martin ? accident damaged. This junker is to be the experimental vehicle for suspension tuning and testing.


Episode status:

Translation stage: Almost done
Proof reading: 4 segments ready for proofing
Timing stage: Not started
QA stage: Not started
Release: Not released

Segment1 00:00-10:00 Status: Started Translator: Elvis313
Segment2 10:00-20:00 Status: Done Translator: Suedschleife
Segment3 20:00-30:00 Status: Done Translator: bal00
Segment4 30:00-40:00 Status: Done Translator: bal00
Segment5 40:00-45:29 Status: Done Translator: Suedschleife
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put me down for segment three, but if I haven't done it by wednesday morning, someone else will have to. I'm busy wed through sat, and no sense in tunring the work in late again.
If you don't mind a new guy butting in, I'd volunteer for segment 4. I had a quick look at the sample txt file and the translation work shouldn't be a problem. I would just need someone to point me to the source video or give me the correct offsets so I can work with the Youtube copy of EP3.
Time is a little tight tomorrow, but I may be able to if Thursday works for you guys.
Where can i get a version without subtitles?