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Sep 6, 2007
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Team Schrick Reloaded (Season 2) Episode 1, 03. November 2009

The reload

Which flaws did the crew miss ahead of the 24-hour race? Why did the Aston Martin give out so soon after the start? Tim and his team start the second attempt with an in-depth fault analysis, that isn't limited to the technical aspects.

The N?rburgring-debacle is shrouded in dissent, which has to be resolved immediately. #1 success-killer was the lack of team spirit, it's high up on the list of improvements. Point 2 being the question of additional help; Should they get further experts on board to position themselves more competitively? Work starts full steam ahead, time is short.

While engine builder Darius Baghi takes a close look at the Aston to pinpoint any teething problems, Tim tries to convince the sponsor that the continuation of the project is worthwhile.

Episode status:
Translation stage: complete
Proof reading: complete
Timing stage: complete
QA stage: skipped
Release: released

Segment1 00:00-10:00 Translation Status: complete Translator: Suedschleife
Segment2 10:00-20:00 Translation Status: complete Translator: Suedschleife
Segment3 20:00-30:00 Translation Status: complete Translator: Psirus
Segment4 30:00-40:00 Translation Status: complete Translator: Suedschleife
Segment5 40:00-46:59 Translation Status: complete Translator: Suedschleife
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Mar 30, 2005
Don't wanna sound ungrateful, but isn't the release taking too long? The subtitles were completed few days ago already, weren't they?
Anyway, thanks for your work, cheers.