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Teaser for Getaway in Stockholm 5 !! (QT format, sorry ....)

Can't wait to see it, I loved the last the other ones.
Nuttn, just preffer everything except that player - since it chooses to be completely opposite of every other player I'm used to. It's got so many unnescessary feautures ... I like it simple, like DivX ;)

(Besides, if you'd like to get rid of it - that's another story ... cuz you can't!)

I think Quicktime is one of my favourites. Although RealPlayer is starting to catch up now and WMP and Winamp are starting to fall behind in my op. I tend to use RealPlayer to play all my movies now as it is the most reliable.
Cool that you have another experience on this. beacuse evereytime I discuss the better player with friends etc, they all have different and strongs views on which they preffer.

So, why do you preffer QT? And do you like DivX?

Well, DivX is just a codec of the MPEG4 format. Unless you're on about the DivX Player, in which case I've only used it like once before and mustn't have been that impressed, else I'd have used it more!

I like Quicktime because of its excellent browser integration. I much prefer waiting for that little bar to get far enough in before the movie starts playing and also the option to have a sneak peak at what has already loaded, rather than having to wait for the full file file to dl as with most wmv files (which I then play in Real anyways! :p) Also, BUFFERING!! WHY!?! whose idea was buffering? QT has always had the superior solution to this (except for live playing ofcourse)

So at the moment, my overall favourite player is Real, I'm even thinking of retiring my beloved Winamp, although I haven't tested Real with FLAC or OGG files yet, which I'm still fond of using. So, that will be the deciding factor :) Oh! and QT is my fave player for streaming. Have I clarified things or just confused u much more! :D
yes and no, I guess.

It's the way one uses the player, like how much, how and for what - that decides if one will use again. And maybe let it be ones favourite and standard player for that use.
Like me, I usually use a player for movies and movieclips etc. Not music or for buffering stuff ... so the DivX player (yes, player) works fine for me. I guess Windows Media Player v.10 as well sometimes for music and when I want to rip and burn stuff.
Have you tried v.10 of the Windows Media Player?
Yes, I have WMP v10 - though I've never really had the need to use it. RealOne v10 does everything I need so far!
I used WMP v10 yesterday for the first time for a real function. Nero was really pissing me off, kept crashing, so I uninstalled it and after discovering that both Winamp and Real are limited to 2x burining speeds, I decided to use WMP. I liked it! :) <---Happy now :)
^^ You see?^^ :)

I also preffer VMv.10 for burning and ripping. All in one player, that's what I like ..

i gots mad ninja typin' skills ;) no .....