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TechArt Sports Outfit for the New Porsche Cayman


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Oct 4, 2004
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The TechArt Sports Outfit for the New Porsche Cayman
Published: December 2nd, 2005

World Premiere at the ESSEN-MOTOR-SHOW 2005

The sports outfit for the Porsche Cayman: TechArt Automobildesign introduces an elegantly styled and aerodynamically efficient bodystyling program for the new coupe at the ESSEN-MOTOR-SHOW 2005.

The TechArt front spoiler, which is mounted to the production bumper, lends the front of the two-seater a more dynamic appearance. But that?s not all: At high speeds it also reduces lift on the front axle.

The TechArt side sills were shaped to calm the airstream between front and rear wheel houses and further to give the Cayman a lower, sleeker appearance.

The sporty TechArt looks are also characterized by custom-tailored tire/wheel combinations. The one-piece TechArt Formula wheels are especially light weight and are available for the new Cayman in 17-, 18-, 19- or 20-inch diameters, all T?V-tested. The largest version features 8.5Jx20 wheels with ContiSportContact 2 tires in size 235/30 ZR 20 in front and 11Jx20 wheels with 305/25 ZR 20 tires on the rear axle.

The TechArt suspensions are custom-calibrated to the new tires. For a ride-height lowering by some 25 ? 30 millimeters TechArt offers sport springs, which also harmonize perfectly with the PASM suspension available from the factory. A sport suspension with firmer ride is in the testing phase of development.

As a world-renowned specialist for exclusive interiors TechArt Automobildesign also creates individual interiors for the new Cayman in all colors and designs in the company-own upholstery shop.

The lineup includes exclusive fully leather interiors and sporty accessories: TechArt offers ergonomically shaped airbag sport steering wheels with three or four spokes, and aluminum foot pedals, shift knob and foot rest. In addition there are stainless-steel sill plates with TechArt logo.

Anyone longing for a sportier engine sound will soon be able to order a TechArt stainless-steel sport exhaust.

TechArt engine tuning for the new Porsche Cayman is under development.
Now that's more like it - subtle, classy, yet aggressive.

Loving those black wheels - yummy
MUCH better. I would like some clear wheels, please.
This is the shiz.

All class body kit... and those wheels! :thumbsup:
Now that TechArt have breathed on it, it looks much better. It even has a telephone in it with a cord.
I love those wheels TechArt use on all their Porsches.
marcos_eirik said:
That Cayman with the Gemballa GT750 EVO engine and a more matte finish on the rim surface... :evil:


mmmm it will be a lot of trouble to fit an engine designed for the rear engined 996 chassis into the mid-engined cayman chassis.

that being said, i am really waiting to see engine modifications to the cayman rather than just body work. a blown cayman s could be a rocket-and will be more rigid and better handling than a 911 :thumbsup: