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Tell me about the Mercedes C230 Sports Coupe.

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Mar 17, 2004
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So my cousin down in San Diego recently got one of these cars and brag about how great it is. Oddly enough, two of my other cousins who live near him got the same models, and honestly I don't think they look that great, nor that they seemed to be a great value for what you get. But do they still contain that legendary Merecedes quality of yore, or have that sell-than-stellar quality that has been plauging them for the last few years?

I wonder what they see into these cars. Maybe the case of "You suckers will buy anything"? :bmwpoo:
Well, they don't look good, Mercedes just didn't do that hatchback right, the engine is pretty good, it's the Supercharged 1.8 yeah? But they aren't that good looking and I think that's the problem, the build quality too, as you said. They look even uglier from that same angle, but from the back, the hatch part it too big. The argument could be made about there being more cargo space, but it's a "Sport Coupe." Again the engine is good, 189 hp @ 5,800 rpm,192 lb-ft @ 3,500-4,000 rpm. But I'm sure the Benz is hefty. Anywho, yeah. :)
what do they call it a coupe while it didn't get a seperate trunk :?

hence this should be called a C230K sport hatchback
I love this. Its a competetor to my Puma and it is very good indeed. The space in the back is great, you can get em loaded with everything, its not too expencive and it is quite fast.
One nice machine. I like it a lot. And dansayeyo, it is a Coupe as much as my Puma, so shut up. :)
only women drive that car, never seen a guy in it
From what I understand, it's an awful little car. A C-class sedan would be the best bet, I'd assume.

I don't care much for the styling from the B-pillars back. WAY too much space between the back wheel well and the rear windows.
^^ I second that. We tramped in Finnland and guess who stopped first ? Mother and Daughter in that car :D
Don't care about that car, unless it's the Brabus version. Imagine putting Porsches to shame in a C Coupe. :woot:
has he got the 1.8 or the 2.3?

the 2.3 sucked, the 1.8 is better, I quite like the look of it but as soon as you option it with what you expect from a Merc, it's damn expensive..
bone said:
only women drive that car, never seen a guy in it

This is so true, same in my case.

Another fact is, the sports coupe is the cheapest of the mercedes, around $26grand. Maybe that's a reason why they bought it. I also see alot of c240/c230 kompressors around nowadays.

Everyone wants a mercedes just cause it's a mercedes so they all buy the cheapest one only to claim they drive a benz. Driving wise the car is not bad, but still could not compare to bmw 3 series. i especially hate the hatchback because it's ugly. Sedan c230 kompressor for me anyday!
Well a quite sucessful estate agent in who lives near me has one, he's a short bloke with a huge mustache he's like 55-60 hahaha he looks funny in that car, it's so midlife crisis..

1. It's a girl's car
2. MB build quality has gone to hell in the last few years
3. MB price hasn't exactly gone down
4. It's ugly
5. No performance
I dont like your arguments LoudPipe.

1: If its a girls car or not is up to the buyer. You may say my Puma is a girls car but it is still one of the best handling coupes money can buy. And I love it.

2: Not really. Its not AS good as it could've been, but definately good enough not to bother you that much.

3: This car isnt really that expencive. Also, try sitting in one with some extras, You'll see what that money has gotten you.

4: Very individually. I think it looks awesome, and the fact that everyone doesnt mean the same thing really makes me feel good.

5: You say that in the C32 AMG version. 0-60 in sub 7? Is that too bad?

You can come up with better arguments Im sure. :)
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