Tesla Cybertruck

Let’s face it, how often does one drive on fun windy roads during daily commute.
My commute is short enough to be measured in feet. (6,336 ft - or 1931 meters)
so a bit over a mile then, my commute is done via a self driving vehicle, well someone drives it just not me lol
My commute is a really mixed bag. First 4 miles at steady 30, some highway at 60-70, a few roundabouts, some more 30 then a more open road with some decent curves at around 40-50 then some country lanes.

BUT if I take an alternative route to avoid the highway and part of the Chichester by-pass there is a lovely bit of smooth, swoopy stuff with a 60 limit.
Yeah i do similar with any trip in general. I abuse the hell out of google maps live traffic to drive around traffic jams. Anywhere i go frequently I try to piece together an actual pleasant drive through back roads. I also try to do a lap around the state park near me every day because it's got a couple nice twisty roads with decently high speed limits. I can usually shoehorn it in to running errands because if traffic isn't backed up (it usually isn't) it's a pretty quick detour.

One trip I make a lot (which is actually the #1 reason an electric car won't work for me) is visiting my friend in Gloucester. Once you get to the halfway point it turns into a 2 lane twisty road with a decently high speed limit, very few exits, and very few places for speed traps.

My friend apologizes for making me drive all the way out there (like 35 miles one way, if i bring her down to do stuff near me it's beyond the range of most electric cars) but fuck man who is going to complain about a road I've chased 300+ hp cars down at 100 mph. Both the fiat AND the beetle are a lot of fun on that trip because it's a highway and once the beetle is up to speed the floor focused weight distribution makes it really fun on twisty roads.
Forget the Tug of War! All Electric Trucks Have This Achilles Heel Including the Tesla Cybertruck!

That's really a non-story now as the owner of the website has complied with the requirements of the creator, showing that 10% of proceeds will go to charity and includes a link to the Thingiverse page. All is well. :)
I wonder if you will be able to drive it with a "normal" class B license in Europe?
The limit is 3500kg (7716lbs), total weight. The Tesla X weighs about 2500kg, the Cybertruck surly weighs more, being almost a meter longer.

To get it registered as class B you would be lucky to be able to load 500kg in the bed.
you know what we should do? make a meaningless render, the internet will explode!
The more and more I think about this, he has to be trolling, right? No way that weird ass thing is coming to a street near us, right? Right?!!!

As I stated before in this thread, I think that's their camo package for chassis/driveline testing that doubles as a buzz and headline generator.
The problem with having a real-life Tony Stark is...you have a real-life Tony Stark
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